Saturday, January 13, 2007

Project Runway Postcap: a message from Tim Gunn:

Yo, I forgot to rap at y'all 'bout why Morgan wasn't on the reunion show. So, you know, here's what went down, right? I went to talk to Morgan's "agent" (it's really her mom) and I was all, "Yo, we need Morgan to come be on the reunion show," and she was all, "Only if you promise she will be portrayed in a positive light," and I was all, "Positive light?! Bitch, what you been smokin'?! How we 'posed to do that?!" And so, you know, she was all, "Well, then I'm sorry but I can't allow her to go on a show if people are going to make fun of her," and I was like, "If she don't want people makin' fun o' her she shouldn't be runnin' around like some skanky-ass ho then, right? Woman, don't be gettin' all up in my grill wit' yo stupid-ass demands!" So she pushed me and I broke a nail. And, you know, I had just got a French mani and that just set me off! So you know what I did? I ripped that ratty weave right off o' her head. Uh-huh. That's right. Damn! And that's why Morgan wasn't on the reunion show.

Keepin' it real,

Tim Gunn


BigAssBelle said...

oh my goodness, as i was reading that i was picturing the words coming out of the elegant and gracious tim gunn's mouth. hysterical. yo.

Ms. Place said...

Agree BAB, funny as all hell

Bea said...

eric never fails to deliver the funnies. noticed why all the fans are females eric
we adore u and theothereric

bluey said...

eric, you need to be the gunn's publicist.

'specially 'cause I'm picturing Laura K's reaction to this.

and, bea??? we're not all female - and some of us might be slightly jealous of theothereric