Thursday, July 12, 2007

Shout-Out Time! It's link-a-licious!

It's been a little while since I've lavished praises on everyone!

I was tagged with a Thinking Blogger Award (started at The Thinking Blog) by Doralong of What Would Jackie Wear so I just wanted to thank her for that. I'm supposed to tag five other thinking bloggers but I think I'll just mention some people here.

(This reminds me that the HoInMo tagged me a while ago on International Blogging Day to write about why I blog but I didn't get around to it then.)

First, let's go back into the mists of time, to the prehistoric period of Eric Three Thousand: January 2006:

The quick and yet still amazingly boring story about how I started blogging: It started with Other Eric (of Everything Eric) forcing me to watch Project Runway and me becoming obsessed. While reading Manolo's Shoe Blog I learned about Blogging Project Runway. At some point I had to create a blogger account in order to comment on BPR and that is how Eric3000 came to be. It turned out there was already a blog called Eric3000, though, so I had to actually name my blog Eric Three Thousand. I didn't really think much about it since I was the only Eric3000 commenting on BPR. Why Eric3000? I had a little crush on André Benjamin. Simple as that. (Oh, I've subsequently done searches and learned that there are a number of Eric3000s on the web. I've been thinking about finding all of them and doing a post about that.)

Anyway, my first actual post, in September of 2006, was about how disappointed I was in the stupid television show Fashion House! I know! Such humble beginnings. Soon after that, however, I started writing recaps of Project Runway, to which the wonderful people at BPR were kind enough to link. I got most of my early readers through BPR. I also have to thank the boys at Project Rungay for their early support!

But enough about me! Let's talk about you. What do you think of me? OK, seriously, as far as other thinking bloggers, I'd like to mention a few that I read regularly who write about serious as well as fun topics. One of my favorites is Lynette at Big Ass Bell. She updates her blog constantly and always finds interesting things to write about. There are two others who, like me, were writing a lot about Bravo programs and recently have been covering more political topics: Trixie at Kora in Hell and Ms. Place at Dishin' dat. (Let me also take this opportunity to mention Ms. Place's Jane Austen blog, Jane Austen's World, which I also love. I keep forgetting to add it to my links.)

Also check out my other links. I'm sure they are all thinking bloggers!


Cliff O'Neill said...


I worship you, your humor and your blog. I eagerly anticipate each new posting!

Ms. Place said...

Eric, I am humbled and honored by the mentions. Your amazing blog rocks my world, and all the people you mentioned (my humble self excluded) are fabulous as well. Like you, I visit these sites regularly.

BigAssBelle said...

hey! how cool!!! thanks for the hat tip :-)

and yay for you ~ for all of you ~ in adding a little bit of the political too. i think i'd just shut up and go pout (or finalize the move to canada) if i thought we couldn't make a difference. when folks like you, like me ~ all of us ~ speak up and continue to speak up, we can make a difference. i know it.

frogboots said...

what do i think of you? i think you are beyond faboo!

but faux-real: i LOVE reading your blog. the recaps. the adventures. the valuable lessons about life and love.

i think you should blog every day. also, with lots of pictures because you and your house and other-eric have fabulous style.

Marius said...

What do you think of me?

Hm, what do I think of you, Eric? Do you really want to know? Can you handle the truth?

I'm just kidding. Anyway, let me add my voice to the choir; I love your blog. You deserve a Thinking Blog Award. Your blog is all that and a bag of (normal) potato chips. Your social commentary and the political discussions on your blog are always informative and a pleasure to read. And your recaps are hilarious.

By the way, I’ve considered converting to Eric3000, the religion! However, I currently worship at the house of Tom Ford and we are not allowed to worship other idols. I hope you understand. It’s nothing personal. But, if Tom Ford drops dead, I will join Cliff and worship the great Eric3000. :)

Calady (Linda) said...

You are my weekly ray of sunshine( laughter) in a world full of too many clouds right now. An Eric fix always gets me through the week and lifts my spirit.
Love ya buddy

eric3000 said...

Aw, thanks, you guys!

I can't write every day but knowing there are people out there who enjoy my blog has encouraged me to try to write a couple of times a week, which is great exercise for my brain! So thank you!

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

I am late posting on this. Since the sun is making its annual visit to Massachusetts I am lagging behind on the blogs.

I love ya. You add the sun to my dreary winter with spice and humor. I still have a tiny guilt blanket you knitted for me about donating to NPR but decided to give to the Boston Food Bank by another post of yours. I will have to give to PBS in hopes that they keep adding Michael Kitchen (my private lust) to more shows. I bring my own bags to the grocery store, stopped buying bottled water unplug appliances . I didn't do these little things because you are a Rock star but because you have a cool logical, sarcastic mind. So yes you make me think , but in a very positive, simple way. Your readers are very smart and I learn from them.

My favorite of all favorites are your recaps.

eric3000 said...

Ha ha! Yeah, a friend of mine also has a crush on Michael Kitchen. Can Foyle's War really be over forever?

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

No I checked 3 more episodes were filmed in the original UK series but maybe they won't show them till next season. Not that I am obsessed , heh.

Pittypat said...

I'm a little late also, because I had a busy week and didn't read ANY blogs. Otherwise I would have read yours, because I check it most every day. I like your way with words, I love your sarcastic turn of mind, and I also worship at the altar of Tim Gunn and Project Runway. (And in the off season I watch cooking shows too!) I usually don't comment, but had to let you know I was reading!

eric3000 said...

Thanks, Pittypat! Feel free to comment more often!

Sewnig Siren said...

I am also a frequent reader, but not so frequent commentor(er?). I enjoy your political posts the most... and of course anything snarky about PR.