Monday, October 01, 2007

Pardon our dust!

We did finally watch last week's Top Chef last night and I promise I'll write something soon but we just finished moving out of our apartment yesterday. Whew; that's done! The moving company actually came last Monday but we still had some things to get out of there (some china we didn't want the movers to smash, some stuff we wanted to take to GoodWill, etc.).

So obviously the new house is filled with boxes and junk is everywhere, though it's starting to look better. The dishwasher is still sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor (and we have no hot water in the kitchen, which makes it hard to wash dishes) but the rest of the appliances are in. I finally got my bathroom to a state where I could take a shower (no lights and there is still horrible floral wallpaper but I cleaned it up enough so it could be used). I was just standing there enjoying my new shower, liking the water pressure, thinking that the shower head is actually high enough that I can stand under it (unlike the other bathroom), and generally feeling good when Other Eric runs in:

Other Eric: "Get out of the shower! Water is pouring into the garage!"

It's almost humorous. Almost.

The other shower seemed fine, for some reason. But then when I tried to do laundry the same thing happened. Fortunately, we have a plumber out here now tearing down the ceiling in the garage and cutting out the cracked drain pipe. Why, after half a century, would the pipe crack the week we move in? Anyway, the good news is that nothing was really damaged (we would have been very upset if our new bamboo floors were ruined) and our home warranty should cover it.

More updates to come!


Anonymous said...

God luv ya, boys. Thank goodness you caught it so early.

The living room ceiling started leaking on the first afternoon in our house. "What's that tik-tik-tik sound?"


-- desertwind

eric3000 said...

Baptism! That's it!

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

Yep, god luv ya! Thanks for the update are you still going on the cruise?