Friday, January 28, 2011

The Fashion Show Season Two, Finale: Well, that was mildly disappointing.

Can we just pretend that didn't happen? Can we all just agree that the season really ended last week with that really great fashion show from Dominique and Calvin? It was such a high note on which to end.

No? We actually have to acknowledge that anticlimactic finale? Alright, fine.

So, Iman tells the designers they have one week and a few thousand dollars, give or take, to create a nine-piece final collection. Then she sends them off to work.

After a few days, Iman and Isaac travel around to check on the designers' progress:

Iman: "Isaac, what kind of car is this? This is the biggest, ugliest limo I have ever seen!"

Isaac: "This is a public bus. Some people don't have drivers so they use these to get around the city."

Iman: "Poor people are so clever."

OK, so they didn't really do home visits. Instead, they give the designers one last twist at the end of the week: they have to create a tenth look. Each designer is asked to do something specific with his or her tenth look, apparently based on what the judges think has been lacking in their work.

Dominique is asked to make a business look, Calvin is asked to make pants, and Jeffrey is asked to make another boring dress:

Iman: "Yes, but a boring STRAPLESS dress. I have a specific event I need it for. AND I NEED IT RIGHT AWAY!"

The three designers are then paired up with their former lovers, who were previously eliminated from the show:


Get a room, you two!

On to the boring runway shows. I was really expecting so much more after last week. But we got mostly standard "wearable" clothes.

Calvin's collection wasn't bad. I don't know what else to say about it.

Dominique's was the best of the three, in my opinion. But it still wasn't as interesting as I was hoping for from her. Her show production was good. She had a few good looks and only two big mistakes. Her weird final look could have been fine, if it had had anything to do with the rest of the collection. But it just looked out of place. Her other mistake was her businesswoman look. What business is that woman supposed to be in? Did she invent Post-it notes?

Jeffrey put me to sleep, as usual. At the beginning of the season, I thought he would be a little more experimental. He talked about making unisex clothing, but I don't think he knows what unisex means. Wearing women's clothes doesn't make them unisex. His tenth look is dull, dull, dull. The judges love it. He wins. Congratulations, Jeffrey.

Anyway, I was rooting for Dominique throughout the competition and I still think she had the best final collection, but all three collections were pretty disappointing, so I don't really care who won.

Isaac: "Tune in next season, which is scheduled to air sometime between really soon and never!"


Ellen said...

I must agree, it was pretty anti-climactic. Other than some red, it was a big pile of blah.

Dominique's looks were the most creative. Though the color palette put me to sleep.

Calvin - meh. As much as I hated last weeks' reverse hunchback dress, at least there was an element of surprise. It's great for him that he can sew so quickly, but if he only put some more effort into design, there might be something worth looking at.

Jeffrey - 10 looks, all pretty much the same. And what's up with the leggings? It reminds me of the Aladdin costume I got for my Alan (Ken's best friend" doll in the 60's.

Thanks for your witty insight. Love it.

eric3000 said...

I love that your Ken doll had a "special friend." LOL!

lovemesomeiman said...

Finally got around to watching this boredom as I was out of town last week at Disney World. Tower of Terror is so much more exciting than The Fashion Show. Well, except for Iman, who is also a sort of Tower of Terror, although she was far too nice this week.

I agree it was pretty boring and I stand by not liking this show enought to hate it. I liked Calvin's collection the best, but I did like a few items from the others. Never thought I'd be cheering for Calvin!

Love the Romy and Michelle reference!


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