Sunday, March 29, 2009

Best of Eric Three Thousand!

Sorry, I'm taking a little time off, since there is nothing to blog at the moment. So I'm going to try reposting a few gems from the archive. This one is from March 4, 2007, when we lived in our last apartment. Enjoy!

Decorating Schmecorating: or What we did on our Top Design vacation!

So, we have a week off from Top Design. Most people's reaction seems to be "Oh, thank goodness; we needed a break!" It's not a good sign for a show when people are glad it's off for a week.

During our time off Eric and I decided to redecorate one room in our apartment for each of the Top Design challenges so far. OK, we didn't really do that. But it's a good idea; someone should do it!

Instead we thought we would share our decorating secrets with you:

Step one: have a drink!

[For the photo shoot Eric Three Thousand is wearing vintage Wrangler in %100 Polyester]

Next, put on some music!

[The painting is by an extremely unknown artist named Helen Parks. If you've heard of her let me know]

Wash your hands repeatedly (OCD sufferers only)!

[The bathrooms have the only original lighting fixtures in the apartment. They're groovy!]

Then read a style magazine such as Architectural Digest or Hello magazine!

Repeat step one (see above)!

Relax in the garden!

[I planted those snapdragons last spring and they just won't die!]

Get inspiration from Kylie Minogue (mainly applies to Other Eric)!

[I had to put up the vintage lighting fixture to replace the horrible new one that was put up before we moved in. We also had to reapply the acoustic cottage-cheese ceiling. Just kidding!]

Move the entire contents of your studio apartment into one bedroom of your new place!

[The book shelves were super cheap at Office Depot but they fit the wall perfectly for a built-in look. p.s. I know that painting is too small for the wall but, living in Los Angeles, I can't stand having something big and heavy hanging over a bed]

Don't forget to ask Tim Gunn for advice!

Tim Gunn: "Barbie, you're looking a little Joan Collins there."

Barbie: "Would you rather I look like that My Scene tramp standing behind you?"

Finally, fix yourself a little snack!

[Eric Three Thousand mostly lives on beer and Tic Tacs but will make an exception for SPAM musubi]

And that's how you can get a beautiful apartment like ours!

[We found the painting over the couch at a thrift store for $25! What do you mean you think we got ripped off?]

Eric will put up some other nice pictures of our apartment on his blog, Everything Eric in a couple of days. Hope you had a nice week off. Now it's back to the torture of watching Top Design!


TheGayBoys said...

Oh my god, you're adorable and skinny (bitch!). Your apartment is adorable...we felt like we were watching an episode of Brini Maxwell. Fabulous, darling!

Tell Eric to hurry up. We want to see more!


Linda Merrill said...

You are skinny and adorable, like da gayboys said! Love the photos of chez Erics. I'd put up photos of my whole place, but then the world would know how the decorator can't finish her own projects. I did put my bedroom on my blog recently. It's pink and red and floral.. and I wonder why I'm still single...

Anonymous said...

Erics rule!

-- desertwind

Aimee said...

An excellent choice of music, I must say. I haven't heard of Helen Parks, but I like her style!

Anonymous said...

Where are your grapefruit?


eric3000 said...

Ha ha! That's grapefruit-scented hand soap in the picture of my bathroom!

Calady said...

ROFLMAO!!! Eric this is awesome!!.
Wonderful place. Wonderful pictures. You are the man. So next time, pictures of other Eric?

The Team of TDB said...



Ms. Place said...

Eric's discovered how to upload photos on his blog! Ta da! So wonderful to see you in your milieu, dahling. I feel like I just peeked in your window and got rewarded with a fantastic view! Wonderful, dahling. Love your digs.

trixie said...

Your place is supercalfragalistic!
The only thing cuter decorating is you yourself.

You've got some nice mid-century mod stuff there Erics! Cool Catherine Holm bowl -- I''m jealous -- those are really pricey now!

And what a coincidence! During the week away I had my office redecorated:

trixie said...

I should really use the preview function. I meant to say: "The only thing cuter than your decorating is you yourself." It's not exactly an achievement of syntactical brilliance but it makes more sense than what I wrote in the first post.

Anonymous said...

That's it! You need to have me as a roommate and a housewarming party. I'll bring the fondue!

TheHoInMO said...

I love the two Eric's so much, I named my daughter Erica after them. Not really, but I do adore you both and your apartment is amazing. My favorite thing is the floor lamp that the other Eric has on his page. I have lamp envy!


ToddNY said...

What a great post, Eric. You're fabulous...and cute!

Anonymous said...

You reek fabulousness! I adore your abode, all mid century and winky cool; it reminds me of this groovy event I go to every year, The LA Modernism Show. Ever heard of it? It's at the Santa Monica Auditorium every May and all of the mid cen, deco showrooms from across the country display there. Anyway, thanks for sharing your gorgeous space!

eric3000 said...

Thanks, everyone! Glad you liked the pictures! (Credit has to be given to my wonderful photographer, Other Eric, by the way; I also rely on him to help me put the pictures up because I'm still pretty photophobic.)

Anonymous, we did go to the LA Modernism Show last year. There were some really beautiful things there but we thought the admission price was just too steep.

Angie said...

Great apartment and you are too cute.

Anonymous said...

Eric3000 said...
Anonymous, we did go to the LA Modernism Show last year. There were some really beautiful things there but we thought the admission price was just too steep.

Yeah it's pricey, but the opening (Friday) night Gala ($90-- goes to charity) is lots of fun (free booze and eats) and this year's honorary host is Johnny Depp (last years was Will Farrell).

kbryna said...

wonderful WONDERFUL! envy.

my decorating skills are awful.

and YOU are absolutely adorable!

Alexandra said...

you put project design contestants to shame. Brilliant.

S said...

My parent's house had the (almost) exact lighting fixtures in their bathroom.

Thankfully, one of the globes "broke" when I was cleaning it.

Ugliness fixed!