Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who do I have to screw to get a normal bag of chips?

OK, I just wanted a bag of chips to go with my sandwich for lunch today. That doesn't sound like too much to ask, does it? Where I work we have a cafeteria and lots of vending machines with dozens of different kinds of chips. None of them are chip-flavored! I'm not that picky; I would have taken anything even remotely normal: cheddar cheese, salt and vinegar, even barbecue flavor! Or I would have taken normal Doritos, Cheetos, or Fritos!

But all they have is crazy flavors like Key-lime Pie Cheetos, or Extreeeeeme Blue Cheese Chicken Wing Doritos, or Extra Salty Jalapeno and Crab Baked Lay's! I swear to you: NOT ONE NORMAL BAG OF CHIPS! Why are they doing this to me? Do they make more money on weird flavors? I don't get it.

Will the madness never end?


TheHoInMO said...

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BigAssBelle said...

no it will never end as long as huge multinational food companies are desperately seeking new ways to lighten our pockets and force feed us foods that they hope we'll become dependent upon. can you imagine ever thinking "a day without key lime cheetos is a day not worth living?" me neither, but trust me, lay's would love it.

Calady said...

Oh hon,
Step back away from the ledge. I will bring you a real bag of chips.

Luv ya

jinxy said...

I had a moment similar to this when I moved to Dublin. Apparently the default flavor of chips there is cheese and onion. I bought a few bags of chips that had no indication of the flavor on the outside thinking that it would end with me having a wonderfully greasy salty chip in my mouth, only to have a cheesy oniony chip that I could taste on my breath for hours afterward. It took me a while to learn that if I wanted a regular flavored chip, I'd have to have a bag fed-ex'ed to me.