Thursday, September 06, 2007


Eric said that was all I really needed to write this week and, you know, it really does say it all. This episode was SPAMtastic!

Oh, alright, I'll mention a few other things. Here's how the episode started:

CJ: "I miss Tre."

Dale: "I miss Tre."

Brian: "I miss my dog."

And, by the way, Hung is insane:

Hung: "You are so closed-minded that you don't appreciate my Smurf village."

Frank: "You know what that dish was missing? Stuffed mushrooms for the Smurfs to sit on."

He's right. That would have been perfect for T.G.I. Fridays.

Anyway, Brian made the most delicious sounding and looking SPAM dish and won the quickfire. I am definitely going to try to make that. Hopefully this episode has made a few more people appreciate the glory of SPAM!

In other news, Sara did another great job in the elimination challenge and I think she's going to the final. Casey did well, too. They are still pathetic with the desserts, though. Brian wasn't that great a team leader. He should have been more proactive in trying to create a better menu. There were just too many dishes and several of them were boring. I'm starting to question Hung's skills, in addition to his sanity:

Hung: "What was wrong with those dishes? Those dishes were classics! They were making those dishes twenty thousand years ago and they are still fresh! Those dishes are also really popular on the moon. You people are idiots!"

I think Sara or Casey won a computer. Congratulations, Sara or Casey!

Howie: "I finally decided to be a team player this week and it backfired. I'm pulling myself from the competition."

Padma: "That's very interesting. Well, I'm sorry, Howie, but we are already eliminating you."

Howie: "You can't do that because I quit!"

Padma: "Nope, you're fired."

Howie: "I quit first!"

You get the point. Howie is gone.

Thanks again, everyone, for your kind comments on my last post! The house is a disaster but it's coming along. And thank you in advance for understanding that my blog is going to be a little lacking for a while.


Cliff O'Neill said...

I always look forward to your new entries. And I especially look forward to the Bravo recaps.

Hysterically funny, as usual! I so thought the same thing on the Howie quitting thing!

cb said...

i wish you blogged every day. twice a day! maybe you could move into your mom's basement to make my dream a reality.....

am i the only person who was totally tickled pink by Hung's smurf village? I mean - this was HUNG! building a smurf village out of blue frootloops and whipped cream! it's genius! it's ironic! it's like the anti-Hung!
and building smurf villages is pretty neat, no matter what your materials.

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

I agree with CB , all you need is your laptop and a connection. Ditch the house and blog all day. Unless of course you want to blog about home improvement projects featuring spam. We will send you food. Hung will make you Smurf breakfasts and fedex them to your mom's basement.

Great recap Eric.

CB I kind of thought it was a haute couture food statement. You had to love that.

BigAssBelle said...

this kicked ass eric!! so didn't someone quit last year? and they wouldn't let howie? or was that runway?

hung . . . good lord.

i like sarah's newfound confidence.

spam. just say no, honey.

Marius said...

BigAssBelle, yes, Mia dropped out of the competition last season. However, I think Padma was ready to deal with the same situation this time around. Without hesitating, she put Howie in his place, reminding him that the judges are the ones who decide who should be eliminated.

Great recap, Eric. Good luck with the house.

wildflower38 said...

I miss Tre too.:-(

Casey won the challenge. I wanted Sara to win though. I was glad that they put Howie to in his place. Maybe it'll stop others from just quitting. I see Sara and _______ in the finals. None others have impressed me. Maybe someone will step this week. Brian looked bad for not being proactive as leader. Dale, what has he did on this show? CJ won with Tre.... Tre put him in the winner's spot. Hung? the judges view him negatively. Casey.... maybe but she cooked some bad dishes and she put spicy chili powder in ice cream... yuck. I'm gagging on just the thought.

BigAssBelle said...

so what did you think about last night, pumpkin?

Ms. Place said...

Oh, dahlings, I thought I had commented. Yes, of course you would have adored the Spam part of this epi. Spam is the original 50's/60's retro food. Brian outdid himself with the orange sauce as well. Just splendid. Loved your recap as usual.

trixie said...

I've been out of town and I'm catching up by reading your blog. I can't watch the show if it involves people eating SPAM. That's just nasty. Anyway your recap is more entertaining. But I'm curious about Hung's smurf cuisine. Maybe that's what his monkey likes to eat.