Saturday, October 05, 2013

Project Runway Season Twelve, Episode Twelve: The monarch will be crowned!

This week, at Parsons
Parsons is a place like any other. At least it used to be, until the designers were cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious dome. Invisible, indestructible, and completely inescapable. They don’t know where it came from or why it’s there, but now that they’re trapped there together, none of their secrets is safe.

Anyone else thinking Damien Hirst is somehow involved?
This week the designers are surrounded by butterflies, which are attracted to the magnetic field that may or may not be creating the dome that has trapped the contestants in this social experiment called Project Runway.

What can it mean?
They are joined by Big Jim, consulting makeup artist for l’Oreal:

Big Jim: “I’d like to introduce our new propane-based line of mascaras, called Rapture. I’ve been stockpiling propane for months and nobody could figure out why. Well, now you know. It’s the secret ingredient in mascara and everyone who needs mascara is going to have to come to me. I own this place now! Bwahahahahahaha!”

Someone get me a fly-swatter!
I knew that l’Oreal guy was evil! Anyway, the designers go to Mood and start making their avant garde looks and then the next day they go into the design room and are totally shocked by what they see:

The l'Oreal guy has taken all their guns! Thanks a lot, Obamacare!
No, that's not it. Tim explains the twist:

Tim: “The water tower for Parsons has been destroyed and the source for our unlimited supply of delicious, fresh, pure drinking water--the Hudson River--has been contaminated with mascara. The only way we can survive is if we recycle everything. In that spirit, you will be taking these old, losing looks and making them into new, beautiful looks. I’d also like to mention that there is a meningitis epidemic and we are running short on medication and also, for the first time in Project Runway history, the military is planning to blow us all up with a missile.”

Are you sure you’re telling us everything?

Tim: “We’re also out of coffee.”

Pandemonium ensues
Once the rioting and looting are over, the designers head down to the runway:

Alexandria made a perfectly nice but unexciting black dress out of shredded chiffon. For the recycled look She transformed Miranda’s losing outfit and made a major improvement. The judges loved the transformed plaid pant. But the overall look reminded them of someone in an Avril Lavine costume.

Justin made a very dramatic dress and coat. I loved this look. He also transformed his own losing look and it was much better. The judges loved both looks.

Helen freaked out and resorted to making the same shredded chiffon gown she makes all the time. It was fine. The judges loved her second look, which transformed Kate's losing look from last week. I didn’t see any connection to Kate’s look and I probably would have put Helen in the bottom two with Alexandria.

Dom used a wild mix of prints to create a look that I thought was going to be really clownish and costumey but wasn’t at all. She made a beautiful coat with a full skirt and paired it with a great palazzo pant jumpsuit. Loved it! Emmy Rossum tried on the coat and it also looked great with what she was wearing, which really demonstrated that these pieces were dramatic and yet also wearable. For her recycling piece she transformed Jeremy’s dated losing look into something really terrific. I think Dom was the clear winner this week. The judges didn’t quite agree, but they did send her through to the finale.

Bradon won the challenge, but essentially he wins the same thing as Dom: he is sent through to the finale. His avant garde look was good. I found it a little disappointing, because I preferred his original design with the contrasting fabrics. But the judges were only judging the final look and they loved the all-white gown covered in noodles. I really didn’t like his second look. It was a redesign of Sue’s losing place-mat dress. I actually thought Sue’s original look was better, but the judges loved Bradon’s rework and give him the win.

Nina and Zac fall on the floor and have seizures:

Nina and Zac: “Pink stars are falling in lines. Pink stars are falling in lines. Pink stars are falling in lines.”

Quiet, or you'll wake Nina!
Heidi: “Well, I don’t know what you two are talking about, but all five designers will make final collections and then we will decide who will compete in the finale. And then the monarch will be crowned.”

OK, so nobody is going home this week:

Put away the noose, Big Jim!
Tim doesn’t have to send anyone home, which is a good thing, because he was threatening to jump in front of a bus:

Tim: "I was only going to do it because I love you all so much! I'm not psychotic!"

We were meant to be together!


Ellen said...

I thought Dom was the clear winner, but it looks like Tom and Lorenzo called and Bradon is the golden boy this season. Eh, I haven't been thrilled with some of his designs.

eric3000 said...

Yeah, I'm still rooting for Dom, but I'm not holding my breath.

lin said...

If Dom doesn't win it'll be like when Mondo lost.

suzq said...

Put away the noose, Big Jim. ROTFLMAO!

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