Monday, January 15, 2007

Top Design: Bravo's latest cry for attention!

Yes, the newest show to try to ride the coattails of Project Runway starts in a couple of weeks and the blogs are already getting prepared! Here are the three most important from our Project Runway/Top Chef blogging family:

I believe the first to discuss doing a blog on the new show were the fabulous fags at Project Rungay and Project: Gay. Their new effort is called Project: Top Design (

The hard working folks at the original PR fan site, Blogging Project Runway, are also doing a Top Design site. It's called Blogging Top Design (

And I'm very excited to announce that I will be contributing to a new blog from the people who brought you Blogging Top Chef! It's called Top Design Blogger ( Ms. Place of Dishin' Dat and I will be joining the ladies of Blogging Top Chef so you can look for my weekly recaps of the new show there.

All three of these blogs are up and running and are already filled with lots a information about the designers and other fun! Check them out!

Added January 19:

But wait, there's more! For a limited time only (not really) you can get a fourth Top Design blog absolutely free! Our friend Trixie at Kora in Hell has decided to blog about the show and she has up some fun commentary on the designers' bios:


Ms. Place said...

Oh, dahlin'. Mi Casa, Su Casa. Can't wait 'till we dish from the same house!

Aimee said...

ooh yay! Blogging all over the web - awesome!

Anonymous said...

congrats ms place n eric3000. will be following all of u very closely. u always put a smile on my face. also make me roflmao funny2.

say Hi ttoeric too.


Bea said...

oh mfg,
forgot to mention. am going to germany to pick up my car that I ordered. will be driving cautiously on the autobahn....NOT....
promised to visit my fav. cafe and enjoy the vistas with a great book and wishing u were there too.
100% eric there cos you bring smiles to my happy face
<3 the 2 erics and ms place.