Friday, February 02, 2007

Fortunately, I'm still a few years away from having a duck quack off in my face!

OK, that was the best Ugly Betty yet! They really pulled out all the stops and there was so much going on I thought maybe it was the season finale. I have to say that I wasn't sure about this show after the first episode but it has become one of my favorites. Yesterday (or the day before) I was reading an article in the Los Angeles Times (a rare event, to be honest) about Betty's nephew and the gay content of the show. What? Gay content in the show? You are kidding me! I never noticed! Anyway, the kid on the show gets mail from other boys who enjoy fashion more than sports and they say how much they appreciate seeing his character on television. I got a little weepy reading that. He was especially adorable last night in his scenes with Wilhelmina. The article also talked about how Wilhelmina's assistant, Mark is just assumed to be gay and that it wasn't necessary to come right out and say it. Well last night's episode pretty much came right out and said it, with him looking for gay cruises. Not that anyone doubted it before but it was interesting the word "gay" hadn't really been used; gayness was just incorporated as a normal part of the show.

The show premiered in London when we were there the first week of January. There were billboards everywhere, posters in the tube stations, articles in all the magazines and what pass for newspapers there. It was crazy! And we promoted it too; when people asked if it was worth watching we told them it was really good. Now that the show is getting better and better every week I'm even more happy about endorsing it.

We also watched 30 Rock and it was also an especially good episode. I think that show is hilarious (Eric is not completely sold on it but agrees that Alec Baldwin is fantastic). When we went to bed I said, "That was such a satisfying evening of television." Sad.

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Ms. Place said...

Love, Love, Love Ugly Betty. Great post. Thanks.