Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our Digital Cable Went Out: does anyone know CPR?

OK, so last night at about 8:30 our digital cable went all funny. Not funny "ha ha" but funny "queer." Well, not so much funny "queer" as funny "why now, Lord?" No digital cable means no Bravo. We have televisions in other rooms but we only have digital channels in the Living Room. Don't ask me why; it's too much for my little brain. So we're sitting there nervously laughing about how funny it would be if we weren't able to watch the Top Chef finale or the Top Design premier. What would we do? I mean, Bravo will only repeat them seven thousand times. Yeah, it wasn't really that big a deal but I do like to be surprised by the outcome and if I have to wait to watch the shows there is the chance I will accidentally learn what happens. I can't believe I made it three days without finding out what was leaked by Food and Wine Magazine.

[A side note on what we were watching when the digital cable went out: Other Eric used to tell me he enjoyed watching "Dancing with the Stars" because he just loved watching good ballroom dancing so last night I said, "Well, then you'll love the ballroom dancing show on PBS!" So then the truth comes out: he really just likes watching celebrities dancing. I knew it! I made him watch it anyway and it was really good. We especially loved the one couple who did a martial-arts-inspired tango that was amazing (they won that round). So I just thought I'd share; "Dancing with the Nobodies" or whatever it's called was pretty enjoyable and Marilu Henner wasn't a bad host.]

Anyway, we got the cable back after about 20 minutes, with over an hour to spare until the big shows! Whew! Crisis averted! OK, so I watched the Top Chef finale and I'll get a recap up in a couple of days. I only watched the beginning of the Top Design premier and will watch the rest after work today. Look for my recap of that show over on Top Design Blogger ( .

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Calady said...

OMG, I would have been running around the house in a panic. So glad to hear you caught the show. Whew!!! That was a close one.

Eric said...

NO! I don't love ballroom dancing...I love choreography and watching people dance in unison.

What I love about Dancing with Celebrities is seeing those that typically don't dance, dance.