Saturday, March 24, 2007

Top Design Recap Episode 7: My Dinner with Andrea!

My Top Design Recap is up, over on Top Design Blogger! Check it out here!

Kelly Wearstler by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Kelly really went all out this week! Other Eric thought she looked like Meryl Streep in the "French Lieutenant's Woman"!


wildflower38 said...

Eric, are you going to do recaps of Shear Genius? I'm going to watch it. I think how a person's hair looks greatly effecting their mood. If my hair looks good, I feel good. If my hair looks bad or if I have a bad hair cut then I'm sad....

eric3000 said...

I am not planning to do recaps of Shear Genius, but thanks for asking. I think I will be forced to watch the show because Other Eric is a huge Charlie's Angels fan (big shock) but I'm just not that interested in hair.

However, the folks I work with at Top Design Blogger are in the process of creating a new blog that will cover Shear Genius and other Bravo reality shows. So you can check that out!