Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Fashion Show, episode 4: blogging from the future!

They said it couldn't be done but I wouldn't listen! They said it would be too dangerous but I didn't care! I'm the only blogger brave or just plain foolhardy enough to attempt it! I'll be recapping this week's episode without actually viewing it! Please don't try this at home!

Yeah, sorry about this but I'm flying to Illinois Thursday so I won't be able to see episode 4 until I get back in a week. So this post will be completely fabricated, based on what I think might happen in this episode. See if you can tell the difference!

OK, so I did watch previews of the episode. Apparently this episode is about shoes. I'm going to say they have to make dresses out of shoes. Yeah, that's it.

But first, that Harper's lady comes in for the Bizarre Quickfire Challenge. For this mini challenge, they have to do the opposite of the elimination challenge and make shoes out of dresses. I'm going to predict that the Harper's lady mocks the designers and then gives immunity to Merlin.

So, for the elimination challenge, Isaac takes the designers on a field trip down to the famous Shoe District of Manhattan:

Isaac: "Designers, you each have forty-two thousand dollars to spend on shoes for this challenge. Spend it wisely."

The designers run around screaming like children let loose in a candy store. Except for Angel, who crawls into a corner and cries:

Angel: "These shoes are not avant-gardy enough!"

Back in the design room, the bitching begins:

Anna: "Hey, Daniella, look at that pleating on Andrew's dress."

Daniella: "Yeah, it's awful, isn't it?"

Anna: "No, I was going to say it looks just like the pleating on the skirt I did in the second challenge. It's on the waistband and it doesn't really look anything like the pleating on my skirt but, other than that, it's an exact copy!"

Daniella: "Oh, my god! You're right! He never could have come up with pleating on his own!"

Anna: "What should we do?"

Daniella: "Let's not speak to him or be his friend."

Anna: "That seems more like a favor than a punishment."

On to the fashion show:

Angel creates an avant-garde shirt dress, with little origami shoe trees pasted all over it.

Reco creates something fabulous in about an hour. He's the LensCrafters of fashion.

James-Paul creates something based on shapes because he loves shapes and thinks they are the big new thing.

Johnny creates a dress that is actually a giant shoe with a rack in it so you can hang up your other dresses.

Lidia creates a nice vintagy looking shoe dress.

Anna was so worried about what Andrew was doing that she forgot to make anything.

Daniella creates something for young people because she's young and knows what young people like.

Andrew creates a pleated shoe.

Merlin creates something with feathers and a live crocodile.

Haven creates something but I can't explain it.

Reco wins and Andrew is sent home.

Then, at the end of the episode there is an amazing twist: it was all a dream:

Fern: "So I had this terrible dream that I was on a show with Isaac Mizrahi and you were there and you were there and it wasn't Project Runway and I couldn't figure out why I was wasting my time."


Cliff O'Neill said...

We'll see!! ... Oh, and "Shoes."

Pittypat said...

I can't wait to see how much of this parallels the show! Are you psychic? Or just psycho?

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

Sounds believable to me.

Laura said...

Hilarious. Thanks Eric, have a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

Ummm - well you called the winner and the loser - freaky! Your recap was better than the show - as usual.

shirlsd said...

brilliant! love it!

Polgarra said...

Ah, sounds interesting. I wish I could see the version in your head.

eric3000 said...

Oh, my goodness! Did I really get the winner and loser right? That's hilarious! Just got back from my trip and I'll be watching the episode tonight. Thanks for your comments!