Thursday, May 07, 2009

Who Wants To Be a Fashion Show!

Yes, the network that brought us the hit show "So You Think You Can Supermodel" brings us the next big PR rip-off "Fashion: The Show" and I can't wait to watch!

I don't know much about it but, just from the title, I suspect it will have something to do with fashion. We'll see!

The good people at Blogging Project Runway will be covering the show on their new site Blogging Bravo.

It looks like Tom&Lorenzo will also be covering the show on Project Rungay.

And I think I will be recapping it so tune in this weekend!


Laura K said...

Yay! You are our first "potential" recapper. Thanks Eric.

desertwind said...

I second Laura K's emotion!

Andrea said...

Yay, I love your Project Runway recaps and hope you do Fashion Show recaps.