Saturday, August 25, 2012

Project Runway: Big Bliss, Season Ten, Episode Six!

OK, so the big news last week was that all the remaining designers quit the show and basically nobody noticed the difference.

Heidi, Michael, Nina, Tim, and some guy we are supposed to know, named Johnny Lavoy, try to figure out what to do:

Tim: "You know who Johnny Lavoy is!"

No, I really don't.

Tim: "Everyone knows who Johnny Lavoy is. Don't insult my intelligence by pretending you don't."

Fine. I'm a huge Johnny Lavoy fan and have been keeping up with his career for years."

Tim: "That's better."

Let's get back to the issue at hand: what are we going to do without the designers?

Nina: "Why don't we just pull some regular people in off the street. 

Michael: “You mean ‘real women’?”

Heidi: “That’s so crazy it just might work!”

Johnny Lavoy: “Why am I here?”

So, our new designers are:

Amanda is a social worker, who wears casual clothes every day. She needs a cocktail dress to wear to the office.

Jenna has a bubbly personality and loves color. She needs a severe black cocktail dress.

Kate is a woman in desperate need of a cocktail dress.

Terri needs business casual attire. She’ll be getting a cocktail dress.

Angela likes contrast. She likes her cocktail dresses to contrast hard and soft.

Martina likes cocktail dresses so she’ll be getting ... oh, what the hell, let’s give her a cocktail dress.

Kandace likes dresses. Good thing, because she’s getting a cocktail dress.

Lana is a performer who wants a classy cocktail dress with an exposed belly.

Ko-Rely only has friends who hyphenate their first names, like her friend Judah-Lev. She doesn’t like looking feminine. She’ll be getting a cocktail dress.

Kim needs a cocktail dress as big as her personality.

So, the runway is a disaster. Just like every week. Ko-Rely wins with her cool, edgy dress that seems to fit her personality perfectly. Lana is out with her hooker/ice-skating costume.

Meanwhile, Ven is spending time with Lars and the Real Girl:

Ven: “This is my first experience with a Real Girl. I really like her. She doesn't have her own opinions. I can tell her she’s fat right to her face and she doesn’t complain. From now on I’m only going to work with Real Girls.”


Cliff O'Neill said...

I wish someone would stick a pin in Ven, pop him and send him flying around the studio like a damaged Macy's balloon.

lovemesomesonjia said...

I had to take Ven off my name this week because I want to punch him, Hard. In his less than model-sized body. Definitely projecting his own weight issues onto others, huh? Sorry Ven, I can't love you anymore. I admit I still loved Jeffrey in season 3 even after his real woman challenge, but that's because it wasn't all him that time around.

Still loving Sonjia, but she needs to step it up after her less than stellar performance this week. Also kinda loving Dmitry more and more, Not so much his clothes as they can be kind of boring, but I like his sense of humor and that he was a ballroom dancer.

Ellen said...

Ugh. Must return show to Bravo or it's all over. Even Tim can't save it.

JohnnyLavoy said...

Hi I'm Johnny Lavoy nice to meet you . Know you kinda know me .

eric3000 said...

Ha ha! Hi, Johnny! Yes, I kinda know who you are now!