Saturday, September 22, 2012

Project Runway, Season Ten, Episode Ten: How do you get to Radio City Music Hall?

The same way you get to Carnegie Hall. You take a cab. So, last week America's sweethearts, Gunnar and Christofur, were split up:

Christofur: "Whatever shall I do without him?"

Gunnar: "Be strong for me!"

This week the designers have to make a rocket costume:

Seriously? These challenges get more ridiculous every week!

Tim: "I think you'll find you made a typo when you were taking your notes."

That does sound like something I would do.

Tim: "The designers will actually be making Rockettes costumes."

Oh, that's much better!

Tim: "Are you being sarcastic?"

No, not at all!

Tim: "Good. Because I am not above bitch-slapping that bitch"

The designers have hundreds of dollars and several days for this challenge. The results are even worse than usual, so obviously time and money are not the issue.

They go out to dinner and get drunk. It's nice that they get to have a little break, although it would be a little more relaxing between challenges, instead of in the middle of one. I don't blame Sonjia for having trouble relaxing. Especially with that piece of crap waiting for her on her dress form.

Ven has some wine and gets all emotional. Well, as emotional as a robot can get. He tells us about his life:

Ven: "I spent a lot of time playing with myself."

Elena: "I feel like I understand him now."

Melissa has never made a dance costume before. That's not exactly surprising, but several other designers actually have made dance costumes before.

Anyway, Melissa also apparently has never sewn a garment before, or gone shopping before, because all the other designers are helping her with everything.

Tim makes his rounds:

Tim: "Christofur, I love that. The only thing it needs is some sheer fabric with little sequins to represent a starry sky."

Christofur: "Yeah, that would be great. The only problem is I DON'T HAVE THAT!"

Tim: "No problem. I'll take care of it."

Tim tells the designers they get to go back to Mood so that Christofur can get the fabric he needs to win the challenge.

Elena, meanwhile, is making a cheerleader outfit that she and everyone else hates. Her return trip to Mood does not help at all:

Elena: "I freak out and buy more sparkles!"

Is it just me, or is Elena turning into Kathy Griffin?

OK, time for the runway, with guest judge Debra Messing:

Sonjia made a costume for Seussical the Musical:

Other Eric: "It looks a little cocktail."

Me: "Are you insane?"

Michael Kors: "No, he's right; it's like a shortened cocktail dress."

Other Eric: "Ha! Michael Kors agrees with me!"

Great. I'm never going to hear the end of this.

Dmitry made a sexy asymmetrical skating costume for Johnny Weir:

I like it. I'm just not sure asymmetry is the right design choice for the Rockettes. I think it would be distracting.

Christofur wins with his tribute to the New York City skyline. When I first saw his sketch I was worried, but he really did a good job:

Michael Kors: "It's very New York!"

Finally, in a shocking turn of events, the judges actually eliminate the the designer of the worst garment. Ven is out for his super boring dress. Bye, Ven. I hope the show can survive the loss of your bubbly personality.


Catherine said...

All right. This win was INSANITY. Why? Because no one sitting ten feet away from the stage would be able to see the design on Christofur's costumer! The colors would totally blend together. Dmitry got robbed - his was best, hands down. And it had more movement. I am very disgruntled.

Cliff O'Neill said...

Color me confused, as I did not understand how Christofur has the winning look. There was so little contrast between the skyline and the sky that I can't see how anyone could see that from an audience. And the bottom of the skirt was pretty movement free. Dimity's though, was lovely, but a tad too "Now doing the rhumba, Anna Trebunskaya and Carson Kressley!"

Ellen said...

Ugh. It was painful to watch. The producers are going to have to put on their thinking caps to come up with some better ideas or the show won't be worth watching.

I don't think that the quality of the designers is anything near what it was the first few seasons. And as far as personality, they are dull and uninspiring. The only shining moments are your episode reviews.

Unknown said...
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TLO said...

The designers have hundreds of dollars and several days for this challenge. The results are even worse than usual, so obviously time and money are not the issue. LOL XO

lovemesomesonjia said...

Dude, I was so bored by this week's show, although I did want to see Dmitry dance with his model because she was totally dressed for latin ballroom. And am I the only one who thought Fabio's was like the most hideous thing ever? I'm just glad Sonjia made it through.

Oh, and I don't ever want to hear Tim talk about bitch slapping a bitch ever again. EVER. I'm still traumatized.

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Catherine said...

Oh and no one asked, but here's my vote for a design challenge: give the designers a few yards of ugly fabric. Have them turn it into something exquisite. Ha! Brilliant, yes?

sam said...

Excuse me, gobbledy gook? What does this have to do with Jr and North Face?? Spammer ....

eric3000 said...

I didn't have a problem with this win. I thought Dmitry's was a really beautiful costume; just not a great Rockettes costume. It was too singular; I don't think 40 women dancing in a line would look good in it. And I agree Christofur's skyline would not be visible from the back of the balcony, but you can make out the detail from a bit of a distance. I thought either one of them could have won it.