Friday, September 07, 2012

Project Runway Season Ten, Episode Eight: Fractured Fairy Tales!

We start the episode with Christofur being upset about the fact that Gunnar wasn't sent home last time:

Christofur: "Ooh, I am so upset."

Well, that was ugly. I'm sorry you all had to witness that.

The designers enter the workroom and come face to face with their worst nightmare:

Tori Spelling: "Hi, everyone"

Designers: "NOOOOOOOO!!!!"

That's right; the designers have to make crafty t-shirt projects using popsicle sticks and strings of popcorn. And they will be working in three teams of three:

Team Don't Worry About Me I'm Fine is Christofur, Sonjia, and Gunnar.

Team I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up is Ven, Melissa, and Fabio.

Team Someone Please Kill Me Now is Dmitry, Elena, and Alicia.

Dmitry and Elena are arguing over what to stick on their crappy t-shirts:

Dmitry: "Ooh, look at what I found. It's a boat covered in rubies."

Elena: "Ugh. That is so tacky."

Dmitry: "Hey, it has someone's name on it."

Elena: "Let me see that. Oh, my god, Dmitry, you just found the ruby yacht of Omar Khayyam!"

Dmitry: "Well, I think we should stick it on a t-shirt."

Christofur: "Oy, it's like listening to Rocky and Bullwinkle."

The teams go out to the streets of New York, home to the friendliest people on earth. Everyone is thrilled to stop and chat with strangers begging for money. However, nobody seems to want to buy their awful t-shirts. Until they only have a few minutes left, and then suddenly they can't keep up with demand and they end up with hundreds of dollars in cash:

Anya: "I can hold on to that cash for you."

Don't do it.

Anya: "No, seriously, It will be nice and safe, right here in my bra. Wait, what happened to my bra?"

Kara Janx: "Did you lose something, too? I can't find my Barbie hat anywhere. Have you seen it?"

Kara, you can stop looking for your Barbie hat. You don't need it.

OK, time for the runway, with guest judge Anna Sui, who informs us that teamwork is the most important thing in fashion design:

Michael Kors: "Screw teamwork! I do whatever the hell I want!"

The weird part of this challenge is having three people create two looks. The math just doesn't work out. There is no good way to split the responsibilities evenly. And I'm not sure what we learn from this exercise.

Anyway, Team Don't Worry About Me I'm Fine did the best job of figuring it out. Gunnar created two dresses, both of which were covered up by the pieces made by Sonjia and Christofur. So he worked on both looks, but since his pieces were covered by the single pieces made by his teammates, it kind of evens out. And that ridiculousness was actually the best way to go. The judges liked both looks and all four pieces and Sonjia wins the challenge.

Team I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up did a bad job. Both looks were very Fabio. they had kind of a cool, grungy feel that I didn't totally hate, but they looked really cheap, especially compared to what the other two teams created for less money. Fabio ended up in the bottom two, but all three on this team end up being safe.

Team Someone Please Kill Me Now was also a mess. All three members of the team had problems. Dmitry and Elena spent the challenge arguing with each other. Dmitry made another nice dress, this time with reversed darts, which everyone acted like they had never seen before, and then he covered the whole thing with a giant blanket. Elena made a huge sloppy coat.

Meanwhile, Alicia spend the challenge doing what she does best: making absolutely no impact at all. She made a boring top over a pair of So Slimming Pants from Chico's:

Michael Kors: "How did you make that really skinny model look so slim?"

Chico's: "It's our little secret!"

So, yeah, Alicia's contribution was pretty bland. Elena helpfully offered to completely cover up everything Alicia made so the judges wouldn't see it at all:

Elena: "I'm a giver. It's what I do."

That's sweet. Unfortunately, the judges do actually get to see Alicia's garments and they send her home.

Alicia: "I had so much more to show you."

More? You were going to show us more? I would have been thrilled if you had shown us ANYTHING AT ALL!

Sorry, I really like Alicia and was looking forward to seeing her designs, but this show is clearly not the right venue for her talents.

Well, tune in next week, when I'm sure something really exciting will happen.

Dmitry: "Hey, Elena, want to see me pull a simple, beautifully-tailored dress out of a hat?"

Elena: "Aw, not that old trick."


Cliff O'Neill said...

I normally cringe at certain levels of crazy on TV, but Elena's particular delusion so cracked me up, I'm afraid I may have woken up ... well, anyone who was looking at Alicia's work.

lovemesomesonjia said...

Way to go Sonjia! Woop woop! And I still dig Dmitry, again not for the fashion but for the personality. He's good tv. Now I want to see him ballroom dance! Maybe a fiery tango with Elena . . .

Vanessa said...

"ruby yacht of Omar Khayyam" Great setup and great pun!


MoHub said...

Thanks so much for the Jay Ward/Bill Scott moments! Also, as far as three people making two outfits, I am reminded of The Gondoliers, in which "two husbands have managed to acquire three wives. That's two-thirds of a husband to each wife." And the response to that: "Sir! One can't marry a vulgar fraction!"