Friday, September 28, 2012

Project Runway Season Ten, Episode Eleven: Toddlers and Tedium!

For this challenge, the designers have to make baby clothes for robots.

Tim: "You're going to get your very own Haley Joel Osment to take care of!"

Fabio: "OH, MY GOD! I've always wanted my own Haley Joel Osment! Can I keep him? I'm going to flip the switch on the back of his head so that he loves me forever!"

oh, this is not going to end well.

OK, so remember when you were watching the film "A.I." and you were wondering if you would die of boredom before you died of old age? Well, try to think about that while you are watching this show. It will give you perspective.

Anyway, as I was saying, Heidi has a new line of robot clothes that will be sold at Robots R Us stores across the country. It's a niche market, but it's growing, and I think she's smart to get in on it now.

Heidi needs some free designs and some free advertising for her new line. Why? Because she is going through some personal issues at the moment and all her money is tied up in cash.

On to the runway, with guest judge Hillary Duff. The twist for this challenge is that the designs will be worn by actual human babies, instead of the robot babies, as we had been led to believe. The human babies are barely able to walk the runway without major assistance. They are clearly drunk. It's disgraceful.

Sonjia made a little grey suit that is totally adorable. She wins for the boys look:

Nina: "This look is so versatile. I can definitely see a baby wearing this to the office and then out for a night on the town. I love it!"

Christofur made a little dress with applied flowers and a white jacket. It's very cute, if a little dressy. He wins for the girls look.

Melissa is on the bottom. She made a terrible white dress that was riding up:

Nina: "No baby wants to show that much diaper. It just looks trashy."

Heidi: "Yeah, I'm all about showing some diaper, but even I think that's too much."

Michael: "Besides, the crotch on that diaper is insane!"

Melissa couldn't even finish her look in time and she had to ask her baby for sewing help:

That's just wrong! That baby needed time for hair and makeup!

Elena actually made really great pieces. Unfortunately, while it was way better than Melissa's mess, Elena's pieces didn't work perfectly together and the outfit was a little busy:

Michael: "That baby looks like she was shopping at a sample sale."

Nina: "Yeah, the other babies are going to ridicule her. She'll never be able to show her face in public again. Elena, you've ruined that baby's life!"

In possibly the worst decision of the season, Elena is sent home because Nina doesn't like her.


Richard R Us said...

Not to mention that the little white dress with flowers is now a little blue dress with green flowers. At robots r us babies don't wear white.

lovemesomesonjia said...

And Heidi pretty much told Christopher what to make, so I'm surprised they changed the color.

Stupid challenge, but I'm glad Sonjia came out on top. I'm a little sorry Dmitry didn't throw his fake baby in the trash or something. He was on a role with the funny quips.

Cliff O'Neill said...

Call me what you will, but I firmly believe that anyone who should be concerned with how they dress should first be able to control their bowel movements before concerning themselves with such things.

eric3000 said...

Cliff, I totally disagree! I don't think being a baby is any excuse to look like a slob! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I kept thinking that I would have taken the doll, (IT'S NOT A BABY)and headed to the ladies room. I then would have run a bowl of water, immersed the doll, (IT'S NOT A BABY) and weighted it down with a garbage can. I would then have gone back to designing and sewing. I suppose I would have had to shlep the doll (IT'S NOT A BABY) to Mood, but hopefully the dunking would have shorted out the 'crying' mechanism. AND if some producer types had tried to give me grief I simply would have slid down my glasses and looked over them and given them all my 56 year old, size 20 'Stink Eye' and dared them to give me anymore flack.