Thursday, September 14, 2006

This PR episode had me crying like a whore in church (or something like that)

Laura's sad = I'm sad

I didn't think I would be able to watch this episode after seeing Laura so upset in the preview. It just breaks my heart to see her cry. But it warms my cockles (uh, the cockles of my heart?) to see her smile and, fortunately, we got to see some of that in this episode too.

We start out with Laura saying, "At least there are only five of us left. I don't think I could go on if there were any more of us." (Flashback to Chloe saying, "At least I'm done; there's no way I could make one more dress!")

So then, of course, Heidi (wearing a giant scarf as a dress) tells the designers, "We have a big surprise for you: we're bringing back all the eliminated designers and starting the show all over again!"

oh shit

OK, it's not that bad. But they are bringing back the two other designers who won challenges. Fortunately, they just happen to be the two worst designers from the show so it shouldn't be a problem.

So, Angela and Vincent are brought out looking dazed and blinking at the lights, "Where are we? What's going on? Who are you people?" Oh my; they are even more confused than usual. Clearly they were drugged and kidnapped by the producers. Even for Project Runway, that's going too far.

I admit, it took me a little while to wrap my mind around this. Three designers will be off but at most it will be two of the final five and, more likely, it will only be the one elimination that would have happened anyway. Only one of the returned designers can stay, and only if he or she wins. That's not going to happen. So just relax!

They have a poll for who the viewers would have liked to see return. Alison's picture has a text balloon and she's screaming, "Pick me, you fuckers! Heidi and the other judges are threatened by my incredible talent but you should ignore those retards and pick me because I'm so sweet and adorable!"

America picks Alison.

So they have to make black and white cocktail dresses. Laura wonders, "What else IS there?" So I'm worried about her because she needs to do something different this time. She goes with black lace over white. OK, now I'm REALLY worried. I always think that looks so cheap. The previews make us think that Tim Gunn is being a meany and has said something to upset Laura but it turns out he hasn't. She's just tired and who can blame her. It appears her due date is in about four minutes.

But she pulls it off. Michael Kors loves it; he thinks it's sophisticated and young looking! Nina finds it as adorable as red buttons on a blue duvet cover! Other Eric and I are WEEPING we are so happy! (excuse me a minute; I need a Kleenex just thinking about it). She Wins!!!!!!!!!!

Angela and Vincent didn't win so they are locked up until they are ready to reenter society.

Michael makes a stretchy white dress with black trim and the judges love it. Kayne makes a stretchy black dress with white trim and the judges hate it.

Uli creates the perfect dress to wear to a lame Project Runway "party" where you find the need to hang yourself with your own necklace.

Jeffrey celebrates the fact that he's going on to the next round like any of us would: by flipping off the other designers and hoping they all have strokes. Congratulations as always, Jeffrey, for being a world-class prick!

p.s. the other Eric has up his little recap, too. If you are interested you can use the Everything Eric link on my home page. Also, if you are interested in reading a really long, boring commentary on the PR judging process and would like to tell me how wrong I am about the judging not being fixed, please see my previous post. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'm very happy that Laura finally won. I have a review up here:

ThePRGayBoys said...

"They have a poll for who the viewers would have liked to see return. Alison's picture has a text balloon and she's screaming, "Pick me, you fuckers!"