Friday, November 10, 2006

Dancing with the Stars: Pet Shop Boys at the Wiltern.

OK, So we are watching Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday (I'm actually in the kitchen but Other Eric calls me in whenever Mario starts dancing) and Tom Bergeron announces that the Pet Shop Boys will be performing the next night.

"Wait a minute; they are supposed to be at the Wiltern at 8:00. Check the tickets."

Well, of course they must film the show at 5:00 here in Los Angeles so it can play live on the east coast so they have plenty of time to get across town.

The concert was great! a couple of songs I think are boring, but mostly fun, high energy stuff. Unfortunately the people in the balcony, where we were, sat through the whole first half of the show. I stood up at first but then I felt conspicuous. The second half was much more fun, with most of the balcony up and dancing. There was one person dancing through the whole show. And the entire intermission! it was the middle-aged guy next to me, who apparently thought he was on Dancing with the Stars: he was totally rocking out and spinning and dipping his wife, oblivious to the fact that there were other people around him. I'm glad he was having fun but we eventually had to move because I was afraid he was going to hit me in the face.

Anyway, I think they should have opened with the Sodom and Gomorrah Show but it ended perfectly with Go West!


Anonymous said...

"Mike (still holding his wife's panties): "I just miss my wife so much. Especially her vagina."

I'm on the floor laughing. Yours are the best recaps, E3T. I simply love them.

Anonymous said...

Well dayum,I posted the above in the wrong spot. Sorry!

Eric said...

That guy dancing through the intermission was high...or insane...or highly insane. Still, makes for a fun story when the guy behind him said, "Dude! There's no music!"

javajunkie said...

Love your recaps, eric...too funny!!