Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Message From Jennifer Coolidge:

I just want to say what an honor it was to be a guest non-judge on Top Chef last week. I don't know much about food but I had a wonderful time. The puff pastry on the duck dish reminded me of the little fluffy wings we shaved into the fur of my show poodle. And dining was one of my favorite activities to do with my late husband before I ran off with my dog trainer. We had so much in common. We both loved soup. We loved talking. And not talking. I miss him so much. Anyway, thanks again; it really brought back wonderful memories!


Anonymous said...

Cool references to Best in Show, my all time favorite Christopher Guest movie, Eric!

Jennifer rocked as the latent lesbian wife of a rich and doddering old fool.

Can't wait to see For Your Consideration.

Anonymous said...

love her in all the christopher guest movies! she's a riot! i loved when she hummed in A Might Wind. in an interview, she said she thought of her deaf roommate in college when she hummed. she kills me!

marisa's expression comment brought tears to my eyes. but i couldn't have described it any better.

wonder who will be kicked off next week? michael seems to be the weakest one left.

until next time,

Laz said...

I know I'll be serving chilled Pepto as my fifth course at all my gatherings...