Thursday, November 02, 2006

Top Chef Postcap: What the Pho?

I probably won't get to my recap until tomorrow so here is a little treat to hold you over until then: a little addition to last week's recap:

The scene of Ming Tsai correcting Josie's pronunciation of "pho". I think when we get to the reunion show and they put up the counter, we'll see that the exchange actually lasted 47 minutes. Here's a little outtake of what I think we missed:

Josie: "Here, chef, try some pho."

Ming Tsai: "It's pho."

Josie: "I know; I just told you that."

Ming Tsai: "No, it's pho."

Josie: "that's what I said: pho."

Ming Tsai: "You said pho; it's pronounced pho."

Josie: "OK, now I think I understand. Pho."

Ming Tsai: "No, now you just said my grandmother had sex with a goat."

Josie: "Oh, my god! I am so sorry!"

Ming Tsai: "I'm just messing with you! Try it one more time: pho."

Josie: "Pho."

Ming Tsai: " Oh, you were so close that time!"

Josie: "Can we just call the whole thing off?"

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Anonymous said...

Loveit loveit loveit.
This is Phooo-out!

Can't wait for your bitchery (bitch+archery). Arrows pointed and ready.

Shoot, now Bitcherer, now.