Thursday, August 23, 2007

High School Musical: Part Duh!

OK, I was forced to watch High School Musical: Part II this past weekend and thought I would share that pain with all of you. In fairness to Eric, he has to watch this crap because it is kind of part of his job. I have to admit that I missed part one so I was a little worried that I wouldn't know what was going on:

Other Eric: "It's a bunch of high school students and they sing and dance. That's pretty much all you need to know."

Alright. So apparently there is this short, skinny kid who is the most popular boy in school even though Eric says he didn't even sing his own songs in the first movie. So why did they cast him?

Other Eric: "Obviously because he's dreamy."

Well, yes, there is that. He has very pretty eyes. But his one acting emotion is a slight look of pain and/or constipation.

So this main kid has a girlfriend. And a black friend. And his friend makes inappropriate sexual comments about another girl, who I think they have all been going to school with but who he seems just to have noticed on the last day before summer vacation. The comments are the Disney equivalent of, "I'd tap that." Obviously they will become a couple by the end of the movie. Then there is the nerdy girl who looks like Andrea from 90210, who wears stupid hats and plays the piano. Constantly. And finally, there is the rich bitchy girl and her gay brother, although his gayness is never mentioned. Oh, yes, there is also a chubby girl and probably an Asian kid but I don't remember. They have all the bases covered. That's the cast.

Whether they are in a cafeteria or on a golf course they sound like they are singing inside a tin can. Eric likes some of the music and dancing.

Here's the basic plot: The main kid doesn't play softball with his friends because he is trying to get a scholarship to go to college. I know! What an asshole, right? Fortunately, by the end of the movie he has learned his valuable lesson: It is more important to make your friends happy than to get an education.

Other Eric: "That's not the valuable lesson! He learned that it is important to be true to yourself."

Really? I didn't get that at all. Oh, well.


Cliff O'Neill said...


Ha! I so worship you and your humor!

frogboots said...

i love both of you Erics!

maybe a recap of HighSchoolMusical (part the first) would help?

isn't there a kid who really wants to be a chef, except secretly he's a singer and dancer, and really wants to be judy garland, except he has a girlfriend or something? there's a song about being what you really want to be and he decides to bake cookies?


eric3000 said...

Seriously, frogboots? That sounds fantastic! I guess I'll have to watch the first one. LOL!

Pittypat said...

I agree with you - I watched it with my grandchildren (and so I would know what everyone was talking about) and I thought it was a strange message for Disney to give. Okay, let's blow off the college scholarship and have FUN, okay? But then, last generation got WONDERFUL messages from Grease, didn't they? (The good girl should change her values for the boy and become a bad girl?? What the ....)

Kat said...

The kids freak for this thing like like little Japanese girls at a Michael Jackson concert in the 80s. My niece being one of them, I know the newest rumor, that "dreamy" boy has signed to star in a remake of Footloose. I don't knw why, but that makes me laugh VERY hard.

frogboots said...

i have never seen either of these movies.

but i had a dream about them last night. a long, involved dream.

it was terrifying.

PeachPie said...

OMG! Reading frogboots comments, I just realized I DID see the first one. HaHa. I didn't even know it. Must have been one of those Saturday afternoons when I was really hung over and nothing else was on.

Thanks for the recap, Eric. As always, spot on!