Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A very Brady kitchen!

Isn't this gorgeous?! I stole this picture from Ms. Place. It's from the last episode of Design Star. If you are watching this show, make sure to check out Surroundings, Kora in Hell, and Dishin' Dat because Linda, Trixie, and Ms. Place (respectively) are all covering the show (you may have to scroll down because they cover other topics, too).

Anyway, when other Eric and I saw this kitchen in the previews we almost died:
Other Eric: "That's the kitchen we want!"
Me: "Oh, my god; it's perfect! Wait ... is that the before picture?"
Other Eric: "Yes."
[Sound of the Erics sobbing]

Of course we had no clue as to exactly how badly the designers were going to destroy that kitchen but we will try to reproduce it if we get a house. It's just so sad because that kitchen looked like it was in perfect condition; it's not like it was all worn out and had to be replaced. And I have no idea why they replaced all the beautiful stainless steel appliances with new stainless steel appliances when the ones that were there were probably fine. That was a stupid use of funds because those wall ovens probably took up a third the budget for the entire kitchen and they could have used that money for better tile for the counter. (I think they replaced them; they look different in the after picture). Oh, well.

Another model for the kitchen we want is the kitchen from the Brady Bunch. Unfortunately, I could not find a picture. It's very similar to the picture above except the cabinets are stained a slightly greenish color.

So, I've been meaning to mention Design Star and point you in the direction of blogs that are covering it and I had to post the picture of our dream kitchen!


Steven said...

Wanna know something scary...?

I know someone who had a kitchen that was almost exactly the same (minus the stainless steel appliances - they were avocado green). They even had sparkly linoleum flooring. Very 1970s.

trixie said...

I'm with you Eric: they ruined that kitchen! All it needed was some mid century mod styling.

The wood is nice but since they were charged with renovating they might have wanted to paint the cabinets. They could have gone with an Eames-style blocks of white and yellow with a bright backsplash of aqua tile. I think that a 50s palette of orange with lime / aqua blue / yellow against white with the wood to keep it warm would have been fun. I'd finish it with a cork floor. In the dining area I would have gone with a Saarinen tulip table and chairs. Or similar depending on budget.

Note: There is nothing radical or innovative about these ideas. Mid century modern has been back in fashion for a while now. I am not and have never been a professional interior designer. I have never taken a class in interior design. So what the hell is wrong with these people they they don't recognize what they have and that they don't know what to do with it?!

Sorry to rant but a. too much coffee (Peets) and b. I just hate to see these things destroyed c. especially since I wish we still had them in our crappy 70s remodeled mid century mod home!!!

Ms. Place said...

I loved that chair at the kitchen desk. I adored that kitchen. It reminded me of Mom's place with all her comfort food. Instead of keeping the elements that worked, and adding new touches to recreate a modern retro look, the designers destroyed this wonderful authentic environment.

My house has two 50's bathrooms with the original tiles (Salmon floor tiles to die for). People constantly ask me when I am going to renovate those two rooms. Why? I couldn't purchase tiles of this quality any more and I love the retro look.

If Europeans had the same throwaway mentality as we do nowadays, there would be nothing but the dregs left for us to view in London, Paris, and Rome. Grow up, America. Keep what is good design to begin with, and stop destroying perfectly good houses or rooms with horrible versions of Disneyfied interiors.

Trixie, you do not need a degree in design to recognize ugly when you see it. Besides, I agree with you 100%.

Linda Merrill said...

You guys are funny. And such purists! I have to admit - hate the before, it just looks dated to me. I'm not at all into the 70s look. Or really, pure mid-cent modern. The orange counter tops just don't do it for me at all. And, I'm going to keep repeating myself - the clients asked for a change. They were not interested in mid-cent modern. So, as a designer, you simply don't force on a client what they don't want. Unless said client is living in a Frank Lloyd Wright home and you're Frank Lloyd Wright. But, the cabinets could have been kept as is with perhaps some hardware - like stainless bar pulls The client wanted a new cooktop, so give her that. But they probably could have kept the double oven. However, we really don't know if the appliance were in good shape.

But all that said, even I think the before looked better than the after.

Sorry to hear the sobbing of the Erics!

Anyway, thanks for the shoutouts and another place to comment!

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

I watched this show because all my favorite bloggers are watching it. I think I am Eric and Eric's, Trixies, Ms Place's and Linda's virtual puppy dog....I just follow you all around.

I saw this show and the picture you are showing of the before looks a lot better than what I saw Sunday night. Was I depressed and it all took on my sullen mood? The makeover results looked dreary to me. The best room was the dining room Sparkle man made. Were these the cabinets they did the awful faux painting on?

They sure are an emotional group. Lots of tears.

PS as your virtual puppy, occasionally I would like a squeaky toy and a chewy.

eric3000 said...

Steven, we LOVE sparkly linoleum flooring. What a surprise, right? And yeah, I think it's the stainless steel appliances that make this kitchen look retro and contemporary at the same time (except for the refrigerator, which was brown).

Trixie, you're right, retro styling is not radical anymore. Maybe ten or twenty years ago it would have been unthinkable to intentionally keep a little mid-century styling but now I think there are lots of people who can appreciate it.

Ms. Place, yeah, if the tiles in your bathrooms are in good condition why on earth would you replace them? People are so wasteful. And yes, I think it has something to do with being in such a young country; we do not appreciate history as much.

Linda, I agree with you a hundred percent: if the clients want new counters you have to give them new counters. It was still hard to watch our dream kitchen destroyed.

Laura, no, these were not the cabinets that were faux-finished. I don't think they did anything at all to these cabinets, which is really strange because that's one of the easiest ways to update a kitchen.