Friday, August 10, 2007

Is LOGO programming on "gay time"?

OK, so as your local senior gay correspondent I dutifully tuned in to the totally gay presidential forum on LOGO last night. Except that it was half over. I don't know if this was the fault of LOGO programmers or if our local cable company screwed up. I don't think the gays are really known for their time-management skills but I thought that usually meant we were always late for things (due to choosing the right outfit and getting our hair perfect). So what does it mean when we start things too early?

Anyway, I missed Obama and most of Edwards, although they showed clips of their interviews during the post show. [update: I saw them in a repeat after I started writing this] Here are the totally fake highlight:

John Edwards: "I may not be gay but if you elect me I'll be the gayest president since Abraham Lincoln. What? We all know he was big flamer."

Bill Richardson, as usual, seemed unable to answer a simple question. Except one:

Melissa Etheridge: "Do you think being gay is a choice?"

Richardson: "Yes."

Etheridge: "I'm sorry; maybe you didn't understand my question. Do you think people just suddenly decide to be gay or do you think that it is an orientation a person is born with?"

Richardson: "I'm not a scientist."

I think Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel are the same person:

Kucinich and Gravel: "We love the gays! We think you should all get married! What the hell is wrong with you freaks that you are supporting Obama, Edwards, and Clinton?"

They're right: what the hell is wrong with me?

Hillary Clinton is wearing the same damn outfit she has on every damn time I see her. What is up with that? It's a perfectly nice jacket but is it really the only one she owns? I'm wondering if it has to do with a fear of being taken seriously as a woman; knowing that women are critiqued for their clothing, she doesn't want to come across as a clothes horse. No one talks about what suit Obama was wearing, right? But the difference is that Obama's suit wasn't bright coral pink! If she wore a grey suit nobody would notice, but she's wearing a coral jacket so people are going to remember it. Especially gay people! Know your audience, Hillary! Talk to the lesbians but dress for the gays! Those black slacks do not make your ass look smaller and please, I'm begging you, wear a higher heel! You'll thank me.

Anyway, the moderator (a woman) mentioned the jacket, remembering that wannabe homo John Edwards dissed it during that ridiculous You-tube debate. I'm actually not certain it's the same jacket but it sure looks similar.

I am very impressed with Hillary Clinton, even if she needs to go on What Not To Wear. She had that audience wrapped around her little finger (ooh, did I ever tell you what Bill likes her to do with that little finger? Oh, wait, that was St. Elmo's Fire; never mind). I can't help liking her, even if she's not right about everything.

She, like Obama and Edwards, will not come out and support same-sex marriage; saying instead that she fully supports completely equal domestic partnerships. She was vague about why she doesn't support the use of the word "marriage" and I think that is because she really does support same-sex marriage. This is my theory: what she would like to say is, "I support same-sex marriage but I don't think the country is ready for that yet so I think we should concentrate on getting equal rights through civil unions and after people get used to that then we can just call it marriage." But she can't actually come right out and say that because it will freak some people out. I can live with that. It's wonderful that Gravel and Kucinich support same-sex marriage but they are not going to be president.

Let me also mention "Don't ask, don't tell," which was passed during the presidency of Clinton's husband, Bill (maybe you've heard of him). People complain a lot about this but, as she pointed out, it was a vast improvement over the outright ban on gays in the military that existed prior to that.

All of these candidates came across as being genuinely friendly to the gay community and any one of them would be a better president that the asshole we have now. But I think Hillary won this one. She seemed the most comfortable of the three major candidates and it was actually a pleasure to listen to her speak.

Some other notes: the comedian Alec Mapa gave his insight after the show and he was very funny. He also thought Hillary came across best, although he admitted that having Obama shake his hand and say he loved him was going to give him something to dream about.

Dougie Houser was in the house!

Anyway, thanks to LOGO for this forum and the six candidates for taking the gay vote seriously enough to attend. The moderator informed us that they invited the Republican candidates to attend a similar forum but they all refused. Did you hear that, Log Cabin Republicans?


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great that any of the big three are pretty okay? I'm a little bit scared that I'm leaning more and more toward Hillary.

Scared? (a) her foreign policy stinks (b) her voice (c) Can she get elected? (d) Bill.

With the freaks the Reps have running so far (declared and not) I'd say she (or Obama OR Edwards) is pretty much a shoo-in.

But, silly me, I couldn't imagine Bush winning 2000 or 2004, so I'm not actually an expert.

-- desertwind

Anonymous said...

PS - Sort of OT, but... Feinstein. Grrrrrr.

BigAssBelle said...

i missed this, but have read a lot about it. i am not scared to say that i am in hillary's camp. she's my girl. she's going to win. i know it.

Marius said...

I also missed it. You know, I've always liked Kucinich. The guy is a true liberal. I think he's the most supportive of gay rights than any other candidate. The problem is that it's hard to take him seriously. I'm sure most Americans think he's a crazy little man. Well, Ross Perot was kind of nuts but he did get over 10% of the popular vote. Very impressive for an independent. But Kucinich is no Ross Perot.

I'm still undecided. I think I'm leaning toward Hillary, but Obama isn't too far behind. I'm glad you wrote about this.