Friday, October 30, 2009

Project Runway Season Six, Episode Eleven: The Rest of the Rest!

That's right, this episode will feature all of this season's non-eliminated designers. Exciting!

Last week Irina won and Nicolas was sent home after he was shockingly unable to be inspired by a country he had never been to and knew nothing about.

Michael Kors: "It's so important to be reminded how inspiration works."

Right. And it's not like that.

In model news, we learn that everyone has a crush on Logan because he's a genuine human being and not because he's hot, Matar has big hair, and something went down that I'm sure will forever be known as Tape Gate. Yes, the scourge of the modelling world: double-sided tape. It starts with small amounts of spray adhesive or bits of Duct Tape but eventually they move on to the hard stuff and they can't break the habit. I look forward to the senate hearings on this important issue.

Kalyn: "I took the tape off! My breasts are plastic and that's why they look like cellophane!"

Tape Police (aka Katie): "Some day, when you least expect it, I will expose you to the world as a tape user!"

(OK, at first I thought I could see the tape sticking out after the runway, but now I'm pretty sure it was just the top of her pastie things. So I don't know which one of them is a raging psychopath. Probably both of them.)

We start this episode with the designers discussing that fact that there are only two guys left:

Christopher: "Yeah, and both of us should have been out weeks ago. How did this happen?"

Logan: "I know, right? What the hell are we still doing here?"

We start the challenge with the designers sitting with their backs to the runway. Another Project Runway first!

Christopher: "I can hear all this rustling."

Heidi: "Oh, that's just my ridiculous dress. You can turn around now."

The designers turn around to see their winning looks from past challenges. Or, in Logan's case, his least losing look.

Logan: "Seriously, why am I still here?"

The designers need to create a second look that complements their winning look (or, in Logan's case, his non-losing look).

Logan: "Yeah, I get it. You can stop doing that now."

Althea is working with her look from the Whatever challenge. It's a relaxed jacket with a cute pair of shorts and prominent bouncing breasts.

Irina is working with her Aspen look from the Constipation challenge.

Gordana is working with her shredded-lining look from the wedding dress challenge.

Christopher is working with his look from the challenge where they had to make dresses out of garbage bags. Oh, that wasn't the challenge?

Logan is working with his look from the Red Carpet challenge? Is that really the best thing he's done? Oh, dear.

Carol Hannah is working with her feathered gown from the Bob Mackie challenge.

The designers change their designs while they are picking out fabric:

Christopher: "I'm buying thirty yards of the cheapest, crappiest lining fabric I could find. I want it to look like my model is drowning in white garbage bags."

Irina: "I found this beautiful fabric. Unfortunately, I can only afford three square inches of it so it's going to be a very small dress."

Carol Hannah: "I really didn't want to make another dress."

Tim: "Well, can you do anything else?"

Carol Hannah: "Not really."

Tim: "Then I suggest you make a dress."

Then later, in the design room:

Carol Hannah: "I don't know what I'm doing."

Tim: "What happens if you put this fabric under that one? Ooh, that's beautiful! You just had a major breakthrough with this."

No, Tim, you just had a major breakthrough with that.

Althea is complaining about the fact that Carol Hannah only makes dresses and that Logan is completely stealing her previous design that had zippers on the collar:

Irina: "It's ironic that Althea is complaining about someone stealing from her, when she is totally stealing my bitchy personality."

Seriously, she should have just mentioned it to Logan when she noticed it. He obviously doesn't remember that she made that collar already. You know why? Because it was completely unmemorable.

On to the runway, where Heidi has obviously stolen Logan's idea to wear shiny silver pants to distract us from the fact that Michael Kors is gone again. There is so much stealing in this episode.

The designer judge this week is my arch-nemesis Nick Verreos. How's the Barbie dress business going, Nick?

Nick: "Shut up, bitch."

Carol Hannah sent down a cute dress designed by Tim Gunn. It's not an exciting design but it's well done and it looks beautiful up close.

Althea made another great look that is totally her aesthetic (follow the bouncing breasts). The bag-waisted pant was a huge risk and it turned out really well.

Irina made a minuscule dress under a huge sweater jacket. The dress fabric is beautiful but she obviously ran out of it and the patchiness at the bottom is not flattering.

Gordana made a really boring grey outfit. Some of the detailing on the jacket is really nice, but the overall design is terrible.

Logan went from boring to "oh, dear god, why?" Christopher is really going to have to step it up this week to create something even more awful than this.

Aaaand he does it! Christopher creates one of the most awful dresses I've ever seen!

Irina and Althea argue about the giant sweater jackets:

Irina: "There's a lot of borrowing of ideas in the design room lately."

Nick: "That happens. I steal other designers' work every day."

Althea wins! Congratulations, Althea. I think the judges got this right. This look was more fresh and interesting than the other two top designs.

Logan is out. Sorry to see you go, Logan:

Heidi: "I'm afraid your Mylar pants were not enough to save you this time."

Nick: "Call me."

So, Gordana is safe this week, though the judges really didn't like her boring look:

Nick: "She looks like an office worker in Poland."

That is so insulting. To Poland. What did Poland ever do to you, Nick?

Nick: "I just hate Poland. Poland can kiss my big gay ass."


mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

I am spoiled now. When I watch PR and the Models I kept thinking that there is a lot of funny fodder for Eric in this. Tape gate heh. Tim having a moment of inspiration. So true. Heidi wearing a outfits that she had previously judged as tacky and unwearable.

The whole recap was so funny. Thanks Eric.

Tbone said...

Eric - Nick has been getting a LOT of heat from Poland over that comment!

kittens not kids said...

brilliant as always, especially Tim & Carol Hannah's workroom conversation.

I'm enjoying your recaps (and TLo's) ever so much more than the actual program.

eric3000 said...

Seriously, Tbone? That is so funny! Poor Nick. But that's what happens when you become my imaginary arch-nemesis. Ha ha!

Cliff O'Neill said...

I so wanna be you when I grow up.

Incidentally, I saw Althea and several of her Spring '10 outfits last night down the street. She really is into that whole bouncing-boobies-under-sheer-fabric thing.

And I still don't get it.

Though I do love boobies.

lovemesomelogan said...

Waaaaaaaaa. Okay, now that I've gotten that over with, can I just say that although there is a lot of Logan hate (except from the models, because he is so genuine), Chrissy poo should have gone home. There. I said it. But goodbye my little silver pants boy. Methinks Nina just isn't bowled over by the whole silver pants thing. You were right Eric, he didn't do enough to save himself. The pants were simply not enough.

I enjoyed both Althea and Gordana standing up for themselves. You go girls.

LOL about Tim designing Carol Hannah's dress!

eric3000 said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, lovemesomelogan. I agree it should have been Christopher this week, but both of them have been skating on thin ice for so long, I was fine with either one of them being out.

Sewing Siren said...

I don't think Nick's ass is all that big.

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