Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas: the Christmas episode of Eric Three Thousand!

No, actually this is just a little holiday greeting and a note about upcoming recaps of our favorite Bravo shows. The fabulous Project Rungay boys are taking a well-deserved break this week so there was no Project Runway season one recap this week. Tune in Thursday for the recap of episode 8. Also, Top Chef is on break until January 3rd. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch that episode or the next until I'm back from my London holiday so there won't be Top Chef recaps until at least January 11. I'll try to keep up with the Project Runway recaps by watching them before I leave and just posting them while I'm away. Also, I'll probably take the break from recapping next week to blog about miscellaneous crap.

So, enjoy the day tomorrow, whether or not you celebrate Christmas! We have a mixed Jewish/communist household here (OK, Other Eric wants me to clarify that he identifies as Jew-ISH and that I'm not really a communist but just a liberal with socialist leanings) but we still have our Christmas tree up and will be opening presents tomorrow morning. Then we will be celebrating the day the gayest way we could think of: by seeing Dreamgirls! All the best to you and yours!




Ms. Place said...

Dahlings, I'm running off to my fave Christmas eve party in one hour, in which I get to dress glam style, but didn't want to leave without saying have a very merry, merry everything, including that fabulous trip.

Be safe, happy, and hold on close to each other.

Bea said...

yeah, we are parteeing like crazy here in SFO. having a blast all the way. looking hawt but without...the one I really want...
can't win them all. keep finding gaydar of creative talented type that are just not their soulmates. bummer, need bimmer to cheer me up.
tell me all about london when you get back.
decided to do croatia, dubrovnik etc, then malaysia, borneo etc, maybe even angkor watt, vietnam and S. america all in this yr.
next 2 yrs definately Africa. but need lots of $$$ to support my causes. wish me luck.

Bea said...

I get 300 e-mails a day and 150 on my other site.
then also get 700 junk mail. on my 2 e-mails. and I started a 3rd one. lol
so unmanageble. bummer/bimmer. yeah, need fast car to cheer me up.
am gonna buy me a million $$ house when I get back to SEA. lol. so what's a lexus or bimmer right? Porsche is just not me but one enjoys riding one topless, ie the car not the females. lol
merry x'mas.
my gift is spending time being well and among loved ones.
please pass my msg. you are my #1 site. oops. am revealing my

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy Eric, mind contacting me at

chef biatch

bungle said...

London! Cool deal dude. Look forward to your future entries. Happiness of holidays to eric(s), ms. 1st place, the PRG's, laz, Alcoholic Anonymous, Blogging Top Chef and bea and Trixie B and everyone else who knows the deal and tunes in to this one of the best blogs around.