Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Eric Three Thousand with free advice for celebrities:


This message has been brought to you by Eric Three Thousand. Thank you for your attention.


Ms. Place said...

Ha!! Apparently searches using LL's name slowed sitemeter down to a crawl - and I'm sure a few other servers as well.

I feel sorry for her tho. No parental guidance. Too much money. And way too many sycophants telling her she's great. No wonder she's whacked.

eric3000 said...

Yeah, I feel sorry for her, too.

I just don't think celebrities should be allowed to drive. half of all car accidents in Los Angeles are caused by celebrities. (That's not true, of course ... It's closer to 60 percent).

Marius said...

I'm sure LL will be fine. There's always hope (e.g., Drew Barrymore). And, apparently, the human body is able to withstand a lot of abuse (e.g., Anna Nicole Smith). Anyway, I agree that LL (and others) should hire a driver if she plans on being irresponsible and stupid, which seems to happen quite a bit.

BigAssBelle said...

pretty sad. and what an ordeal to have one's downward spiral recorded from every angle for the entire world to see.

Calady said...

Agree. Not only for their safety, but for all of us who live here with them. They have the money... they all need a driver.

I feel for them as well but with Paris headed for jail in the next fews days, these kids need to wake up. I blame the establishments the go to as well for allowing it. LL is under age.

Let's hope they all get help.

Anonymous said...

What, are they saving gas money by driving themselves?
LiLo isn't long for this earth, I fear. Her parents don't care about her when she is bringing home the bacon, God help her when she's too strung out to do that!
Paris will either benefit from her jail stay by finally understanding that the law does actually pertain to her (It's not Right!) or be so traumatized by time in the slam' we never see her again.
Here's hoping.