Monday, May 21, 2007

Please Stand By: Eric Three Thousand is experiencing technical difficulties!

And ... we're back!

My Shear Genius post is finally up on Bravissimo!

I ran into computer problems on Friday and wasn't able to access the Internet until Sunday night. Our ancient desktop (about two years old) seems to have died and Other Eric does not let me touch his laptop for obvious reasons.

Yeah, I break things. I think I give off an electronic pulse that causes electrical equipment to die. When I first met Eric I told him I'm like a nuclear blast but not as messy.

I build up a lot of static electricity. I get horribly shocked every time I touch something metal, especially when the weather is dry and windy. You know those people who cause a spark when filling up their gas tank and their car explodes? I wouldn't be at all surprised if that happened to me. I take precautions but I still know it's a real possibility.

Anyway, back to the computer problem. Eric decided he would get a Mac and then he would let me have his PC laptop, which is only a few months old. The only thing disappointing about Eric's new Mac is that it really doesn't look anything like the cute guy in the commercials. That seems like deceptive advertising if you ask me.

My first laptop! Fun! We'll see how long this lasts...


TheGayBoys said...

Bad BAD Eric!
Very funny post, Eric.
I remember when we used to have only one computer in the house. Not a pretty would go to the bathroom and the other one would jump on the we have three (2 PCs and 1 Mac)and we're one happy family again.

eric3000 said...

Ha ha! Thanks! Yeah, I can't imagine the two of you doing all your blogging on one computer!

I used to just use my computer at work, which caused fewer worries but became impractical after a while.

jinxy said...

Congrats on the new laptop!

I agree that a relationship enters a newfound state of harmony once everyone has their own computer.

Linda Merrill said...

Tell other Eric - welcome to Macworld! Now, the next q is - do you have wireless in the house? So freeing not to be tethered to the desk! And you're right! I keep sitting my ibook on my lap - but it hasn't yet turned into the cute Mac Boy. boo

eric3000 said...

Oh, yeah, we're wireless!

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

Eric have you ever tried your electrical talents at a casino?

eric3000 said...

I only use my powers for good!

Anonymous said...

Great post, and I must say that to my knowledge this is the first time I have ever read a blog post tagged with “Exploding Car.”

I can't wear a watch due to "chemical issues." I sincerely hope neither my car nor my computer crap out on me in the near future.

Editor Girl

bungle said...

Top Chef 3 is right around the corner, E3K. Your recapping was an indispensable part of last season's Watching of What Happens.

You've been blogging the hell outta PR 1&2 along with the PRG's, Top Design and now SG. Somehow you mixed in a trip to that place where they talk english funny.

I hope you're not too burned out from all this to give your patented treatment to the upcoming food fighting. You rock, hoss.

BigAssBelle said...

i am on pins and needles waiting for top chef. or i'm on the griddle. something. excited about it this year, but nothing like my longing for the new project runway.

wildflower38 said...

Eric just don't take your laptop outside your apartment. I drop my 1st laptop on the concete walkway outside my apartment. I'm clumpsy.

Are you going to be recaping TC Miami edition or did season 2 burn you out?
I just hope Padma has been watching Shear Genius and has learned the right way to host a show.

Ms. Place said...

I just hope Padma has been watching Shear Genius and has learned the right way to host a show.

Amen to that, Wildflower

bungle said...

I agree with BiggieBelle that PR is the gold standard of these shows. Nothing against SG, TC or TD but PR has the slickest production and I don't mean to step on any toes but Prof. Tim Gunn is ONLY on PR (and his own show now).