Friday, May 18, 2007

Floor Plan Friday! (An homage to Blogging Project Runway's Fleurchon Friday!)

Well, my signature scent post was so popular I hate to post over it so soon but obviously this has to be posted on Friday (also I made Other Eric take this picture and load the image on to the computer last night so he would kill me if I didn't use it today).

Yes, I lied! I admit it; I lied! I'm a big liar and my pants are on fire! OK? Are you satisfied? I promised there would be no more Top Design floor plans but I just couldn't help myself. I have a problem and I need to be stopped.

Anyway, here it is: one last idea for the Santa Fe Lofts used in the final challenge of Top Design. My challenge, as always is to create a two-bedroom apartment while keeping as much open loft space as possible. This last plan has smaller bedrooms than my previous one but it creates more open living space and it includes a second bathroom! I moved the kitchen, however, which creates more plumbing work. If it isn't possible to get pipes through the cement floor, it may be possible to run pipes to the kitchen sink along the right-hand wall, under the windows. This plan would even work with the original front-door placement (which was over where the big storage closet is now, on the left-hand side).

Here's the post with my second plan, the one where I lied about it being the last one!
Here's a link to the Santa Fe Lofts web site, where I got the basic floor plan.
That's it! No more! I really, really mean it this time!


mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

Oh Eric I love you....platonic of course. You just made me laugh alot. I get into to things like this, Not this one because I am a perfectionist and I was frustrated by not having what I needed to do a good job. The scale of the furniture threw me over the edge.

This looks like the best plan yet.

Laura K said...

Eric - this is so great! You are single-handedly keeping Top Design ALIVE!!!!

Eric said...

I like this one the best, too. It makes so much more sense to have a great room with kitchen, dining and living all together and the bedrooms on another end.

eric3000 said...

I'm keeping Top Design alive? Ha ha! I should be punished for that!

Linda Merrill said...

great job on this one Eric! Got any more in you? aw - come on!

eric3000 said...

No! No more! You're being an enabler, Linda!

Ms. Place said...

Eric, you can come over to Richmond any time and redesign the layout of my house. I need some help with my dining room! All kidding aside, this last plan rocks.