Friday, August 15, 2008

Shear Genius Season Two, episode eight: Thank heaven for little girls!

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Last week Dee won and Nekisa was sent home:

Jaclyn: "I was so disappointed last week. None of those dogs looked like me. I hope you do better this week."

For the quickfire challenge, the geniuses are styling the hair of little girls:


Other Eric: "No you don't. They look cute now but they'll turn into teenagers and kill you in your sleep."

Fine, Mr. Grumpy-pants.

Anyway, Daniel is especially sweet with his little girl:

Daniel: "How do you want your hair?"

Little Girl: "See that pretty old lady over there?"

Daniel: "You mean Jaclyn?"

Little Girl: "I want to look just like her!"


He made her look like a miniature Jaclyn Smith. Adorable! Daniel wins!

Most of the other cuts were pretty good, except for Dee's, which was not flattering for the little girl's face.

Paulo says Daniel won because he made his client look like one of the judges. He says he's going to make his next client look like Kim Vo, which is a pretty funny comment. Frightening but funny.

The geniuses go home and dress up like the eliminated stylists, which seems almost as spontaneous as the games they played on Make Me a Supermodel.

OK, what the hell was up with the color of Rene's skin this week? Was he in a wrestling match with Michael Kors? That is some major tan in a can. Anyway, he introduces the clients, who turn out to be family members of the geniuses. The geniuses scream like lunatics because they are so upset to see their relatives:

Geniuses: "What the hell are you doing here? We were trying to get away from you!"

The geniuses have to give a new style to a family member of one of the other geniuses. On to the hairway:

Dee gave Paulo's cousin burgundy highlights. I think she looks pretty good.

Charlie gave Daniel's mom a cute short cut. It's a little weird around the ears but it looks better than it did. Much more modern.

Daniel didn't do a great job on Nicole's mom's hair. The color was a little strange and the cut and style were just OK. It was updated but it looked like a helmet.

Nicole gave Dee's mom a very short cut. That woman had horrible hair and Nicole made such an improvement. Yes, it's very, very short. But sometimes, if your hair is really awful, the best thing you can do is cut it off. The new style was severe but much more modern and sophisticated.

Paulo fucked up Charlie's sister's hair. Her hair was bad before but he made it worse. It was slightly more updated but the back looked awful and, like Daniel's cut, it looked like a helmet when she tried to move her head.

Charlie wins!

Nicole and Paulo are the bottom two. Paulo is out and makes a graceful exit:

Paulo: "Jaclyn, it was amazing to meet you in person because you were my first crush!"

Jaclyn: "What? But you're gay! That's the craziest thing I've ever heard!"



Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see you had posted your recap early. I had a tough day at work and was just aching for a good read. Thanks Eric!

eric3000 said...

Thanks, Mizelana!

Anonymous said...

Well, I heard that Rene was Robert Downey Jr's stunt double in Tropic Thunder and had to go back and reshoot some last minute scenes in between sessions at the Shear Genius/Nexxus Salon.

I'm sure he'll be back to his usual blond, fair-skinned, Danish self next week.

Hey...wait a minute...

theminx said...

LOL nice Michael Kors connection there. :) And ha to Anonymous!

Cliff O'Neill said...

Yeah, what was that with the staged imitations? They so clearly needed to kill ten minutes there. All that was missing was the ...

"I'll never forget the time when .."

... followed by the rippling, blur-o-vision leading into an old clip.

And, I so agree with you about Nicole's job on Dee's mom's hair! I mean, what _could_ she have done?

Brilliant, as always.

Oh, and I found the kids super-creepy.

wildflower38 said...

Great recap!