Friday, August 08, 2008

Shear Genius Season Two, Episode Seven: Hairplane (Don't call me Shirley edition)!

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Kim Vo: "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking crack!"

OK, so last week they somehow managed to completely screw up the Charlie's Angels episode. And that's quite an accomplishment. Glenn was sent home for no reason and nobody won.

Jaclyn: "Because you were all so bad last week, there is no picture on the Allure Wall of Horrors. I just hope this spectacular indignity will teach you all a valuable lesson."

The guest judge for the quickfire is some nutjob:

Nutjob: "If everyone would wash their hair with sardines, we could stop the effects of global warming."

uh . . . right. Anyway, the geniuses have to make really big hair using food as styling products.

Nekisa: "Hmm. What do you make of this?"

Charlie: "Well, I can make a brooch or a pterodactyl or . . ."

Never mind. Daniel has an allergy to peanuts so he picks peanut butter. He points out that his willingness to go into anaphylactic shock proves how devoted he is to this competition.

Daniel has to go to the hospital:

Jaclyn: "The hospital? What is it?"

It's a big building where sick people go. But that isn't important right now.

OK, so Daniel doesn't really have to go to the hospital. He just thinks peanut butter is yucky. Isn't he a brave little soldier for using it anyway?

The guest judge is talking to Dee about her hair:

Nutjob: "The hair is getting taller."

Charlie: "And Leon's getting larger."

Seriously, why is Charlie butting into every conversation?

I actually like Charlie's look. It would look great in a fashion show. Dee's was OK. But Paulo wins with a big curly mess.

Rene introduces the geniuses to the adorable little doggies they'll have to groom.

Charlie: "Rene, do you enjoy watching gladiator movies?"

The geniuses will have to give similar cuts to their human and dog clients. The geniuses have never had a problem making their clients look like dogs before so this shouldn't be a problem.

Nekisa "decides" at the last minute to add some color to her client's hair. She mainly "decides" to do this because Rene tells her to.

Rene asks Charlie who his biggest competitor is:

Charlie: "Dee is talented but she's a bitch."

Dee: "A bi...?"

Charlie: "No; not a bi...; a bitch."

On to the hairway:

I thought Charlie's model looked fine. It was a curly up do, which looked a little like her curly-haired dog.

I really liked Paulo's. I thought the cut was really rocker-cool and shaggy like the dog. I thought this was one of the best and can't believe he was almost eliminated.

Everything about Nekisa's was awful, as usual.

Nicole did a great job. Her client looked really cute and she added highlights that were close to the dog's color.

Dee did a good job. the style and color were clearly inspired by the dog.

Daniel's was fine but shouldn't have been at the top. He just put up his client's hair and put extensions on the dog. Certainly weird, but not that great.

On to the judging:

Jaclyn: "Stylists, every dog has his day."

Paulo: "Oh, my God, Jaclyn, that is hilarious!"

Jaclyn: "Really?"

Nekisa thinks her client and dog look exactly alike:

Kim: "They don't look alike at all. The dog's name is Waffles so I would expect some crimping in the client's hair. Am I crazy?"


Other Eric: "He may be crazy but he's right."

Charlie admits that he was not into it this week. I like his honesty.

Dee rightly wins the challenge.

Nekisa has finally, finally given her final cut. Finally.

Rene: "So, who is going to win the competition?"

I can't tell.

Rene: "You can tell me. I'm a hairdresser."


theminx said...

I loved Paulo's hair! Well, the style he gave his doggy-mommy. :)

Kim Vo is still smoking something.

Anonymous said...

Okay Eric - that was brilliant. The Airplane! references were priceless - you just keep getting better and better.

Cliff O'Neill said...

Kim Vo is totally useless. Maybe the collagen injections are affecting his brain.

I really didn't like Paulo's hair. But then again I don't really like anything he does.

And one last question. Have you ever seen a grown man naked?

wildflower38 said...

Fantastic Eric!!