Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project Runway All Stars Season Two, Finale: All Stars Goes to Paris!

In the exciting season finale the All Stars go to Paris and ...

Carolyn: "Um ... I don't know how to tell you this, but this isn't the finale."

pardonne moi?

Carolyn: "I said this isn't the finale."

of course it is. What are you talking about?

Carolyn: "The finale is next week."


Man, I really thought this was supposed to be the finale. Anyway, in this episode the designers get to go to Paris as part of Parsons' study abroad program.
All Stars in Paris
Joshua: "I can't believe we're actually in Paris! I can't believe it!"

Emilio: "Will you stop saying that?"

Uli: "You can't blame him. This is like a dream. We've only seen pictures of these places and now we can practically reach out and touch them."

Anthony Ryan: "Keep your hands in the vehicle at all times!"

Joanna introduces the designers to some Parisians:

The French are always thrilled to have us visit
We gave you the Statue of Liberty and you give us these All Stars?
The designers thought they would be sightseeing in Paris, but instead they are taken by bus out to Valentino's school for designers:

what a dump
They are forced to do push ups and read poetry:

when you finish those, I want you to re-design those outfits
They are so bored:

we know how you feel
Fortunately, Joshua has another one of his brilliant ideas:

Joshua: "I just had another one of my brilliant ideas! Why don't we all make a break for it?!"

the All Stars make a break for it in front of Notre Dame
Finally, they get to do what they want. Emilio sketches Sacre Coeur, Uli and Anthony Ryan help a writer get published, and, most shockingly, Joshua falls in love during a trip to Le Mans:

they share a of love of motorcycles and hotpants
After these adventures, the designers go to Jenssens & Jenssens, the best shop in Paris to buy couture fabric and organic produce:

just look at that selection!
The designers have their fabric and now they need to make haute couture-inspired dresses in one day. The problem with that plan is that the only reason haute couture dresses look any different from other dresses is that a team of seamstresses has spent months making them by hand. I really don't understand the concept of trying to make something that superficially "looks" like haute couture without having any of the qualities that distinguish haute couture from other fashion.

Anthony Ryan: "Well, I always say, When in Paris, do as the Romans do."

I can't argue with that. So, let's look at the runway:

oh, yes! Work it, ladies!
Uli gives us some great styling:

love the hair!
But, unfortunately, the dress is not very exciting:
the judges think it's a little blah
Emilio, again, lets his fabric do most of the work. It's a beautiful, bold look, and at least he knows how to pick great fabrics and use them correctly:

Anthony Ryan wins again, with a nice tight black dress. Apparently it looks couture inspired because ... it's see-through? I honestly don't know. I like it, I just don't know what makes it different from a dress he would make for any other challenge.

Joshua put together clashing fabrics. Easily the most interesting thing on the runway this week, I don't think I've ever seen a dress before that looked quite like it. It was uniquely ugly. And I mean that in the best possible way. It was so ugly that I really, really wanted to like it. Ultimately, though, I didn't. I agree with the judges that the main problem was the scale of the print next to the lace:

a bold pairing, but they just don't look quite right together
While I know the final twist challenge was planned ahead of time, I actually thought it really was tough to choose between Uli and Joshua. I didn't really like either of their looks.

Carolyn: "This final challenge is something only a handful of designers have ever attempted. The late great Alexander McQueen did it. That's right; you guessed it: you have to make a souffle! In one hour! Right here on the runway!"

a Project Runway first!
We await the judges' final decision:

please, please, please
Uli is in and Joshua is out

oh, my poor souffle!
Josh has to say goodbye to Paris and to love:

I'm not ready to say goodbye!
[thanks to LeoAmes for posting this movie on YouTube and for some television station called cts for keeping their logo on the screen through the whole thing]


Cliff O'Neill said...

I simply do not know how you are somehow psychically aware as to how the two shows work in sync like that! Wait! Are you the one who discovered that whole Wizard of Oz/Dark Side of the Moon connection?

eric3000 said...

You mean the final twist in this challenge didn't immediately make everyone think of Edna Gerrett making a souffle? LOL!

pernoctator said...

I'm thinking, next season, I might try reading your recaps first.
Then I can hone my deductive reasoning skills trying to figure out what actually happened on the show.
Better than any challenge the designers ever got.