Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Red Carpet Review!

It sucked.

Seriously, that was bad. The arrivals coverage was worse than usual and all the dresses were boring. Why did some woman keep telling us she was getting emails from Denmark? Who the hell gives a rat's ass? We just want to see dresses; lose all the other pointless shit!

As for dresses, way too much black. Some of the black dresses were probably really pretty in person but on television the detail doesn't show up very well. I wanted interesting color! Nothing was really bad except for Daniel Day Lewis's wife and Tilda Swinton. Look, I love a dress that is different but it also needs to be pretty and Swinton's dress just looked like a sack. Randolph Duke seemed to miss that Heidi Klum was wearing red for heart awareness because he thought the color was just too much. He also thought her hair was too much; I guess she was supposed to shave her head.

Anyway, Other Eric has more live coverage of the arrivals.


wildflower38 said...

I just saw Michael Clayton and Tilda's great in it. I saw her dress and thought she must have picked it out herself. It was fugly. Jennifer Hudson needs to talk to Helen Mirren's stylist. When you have boobs you need a supportive bra and gown that doesn't make your boobs look weird and jiggly.
The gowns I loved the most were Helen Mirren's, Jennifer Garner's, Hilary Swank's and Heidi Klum's. If I had to pick just one then it's Helen Mirren's gown.

wildflower38 said...

I read Everthing Eric's review of the red carpet and I stand by what I said about Helen Mirren's gown.

eric3000 said...

I didn't like Helen Mirren's dress when she was on the red carpet but when the bright lights hit it on stage and the sleeves lit up like diamonds I changed my mind and thought it was beautiful!

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

Helen Mirren's dress.. me too Eric

Vic said...
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Vic said...

So sorry, I made a goof.

I agree with y'all. I also liked Helen Mirren's gown on stage. When I saw her on the red carpet and viewed those silver sleeves up close I thought, "tacky, tacky." But when she swept down those stairs, she made the grandest entrance of the evening. Plus, she chose a style that flattered her figure and was age appropriate.

I miss the Oscar ceremonies of days of yore when the stars dressed themselves and didn't count on body image consultants to shore up their inner bad taste. There were no major gaffes this year. Tilda looked awful. She receives my whitest woman in the world award for 2008. Would it have killed her to wear a smidgen of makeup? Great wit, though. You've gotta love those Brits and their acceptance speeches.